NYX lip Pencils vs MAC lip pencils

There is a lot to be said for the use of a good lip liner. most often we use the lip liner to define our lips and prevent our lipstick or lip gloss feathering.

But let’s not restrict ourselves, I love lip liner to fill in my entire lip to preserve the longevity of my lipstick and lip glosses, and quite often to change the shade of the lipstick  or give a gradient effect.

Since I like to do so much with my lip liners variety is of the essence. Not only do I use lip liners to match my lipstick or gloss I also use them to mix and get my desired colours.

My go to brands for lip liners are NYX and MAC.

Both have a very good variety of colours and are easily available in Barbados.

The most obvious difference between these liners in the price point. For the pocket that is trying to save some money NYX cosmetics reigns supreme over the MAC lip liners. With the classic lip liners at NYX coming in at approximately, $10 BBD for 0.04 oz and the MAC lip liners at more than 3 times the price for.05 oz it seems like the NYX lip pencils would be the winner hands down except…

NYX lip liners have a drier, harder and less creamy consistency than the MAC pencils. That might not seem like a big deal, but it becomes more important, in that moment when you want to rush your makeup and it feels as if you are scraping off a layer of your lip. It is also more important if your lips are prone to be dry or chap. It is certainly not a pleasant feeling. Mind you the MAC lip pencil is not moisturising, but the NYX liner is certainly drier in texture.

Surprisingly (to me) NYX has MAC beat on their variety of colours as well. NYX boasts 60 variations of shades and colour and MAC only 30. In Barbados we have a travel counter so if you have a MAC store in your country you may have a wider selection. This means you probably have more chance of finding that perfect lip liner with NYX.

I don’t have a preferred brand with either of these lip liners.   When I’m making my choice, if I’m looking for the colour for my normal everyday wear, I head to MAC first to see if they have the colour. On the other hand, if I’m looking for a hard to find colour that is a bit of a special occasion lip look I head to NYX.

What has your experience been with these liners?

Do you have a favourite brand of lip liner?

Until next post

– Kim


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5 comments on “NYX lip Pencils vs MAC lip pencils
  1. I’ll have to try these out myself!


  2. Tasha says:

    Good review, Kim! And like you, I go no farther than these 2 when it comes to lipliners. I love the color choices and price of NYX brand here in Barbados. And most definitely when it comes to application, I will give my money to MAC, for sure. Their lip pencils are softer in texture than NYX. I am still in love with my NYX pumpkin lip pencil. And come to think of it, sales assistants/consultants from both brands shared the ‘filling lip with liner’ trick with me which has served me well when I am looking to give my lips a fuller color appearance.

    Now, when it comes to these two brands on eyeliner pencils…I await your review for those lol lol

    Looking forward to more good reads and information, ladies!!

    • Glad you liked.
      Eyeliners is a different ball game. with much more different textures etc. I will definitely do posts on liners but it will probably be a series of posts rather than one.

  3. […] spotted a MAC lip liner, foundation sticks and lots of NARS compacts (plus a paper bag) on her dressing table. The […]

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