Do I need a toner? Yes and No…

The addition of a toner to your skin care regimen has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Nevertheless I have always kept one with in my routine.

One of my staples

Especially because for the longest while I didn’t understand the purpose of toner. Over and over again people told me that the purpose was to make sure you got all of the last bit of dirt and make up from your face.

My question to them would always be, ‘so what is the purpose of my cleanser?’ If your cleanser isn’t getting all of the days grime off of your face then one of two things is wrong. You either aren’t being thorough enough in your cleansing or your cleanser is ineffective. The business of cleaning your skin should be left to the product which is designed for that express purpose!.

So where does that leave toners? Now, I tend to think of toners as treatments akin to serums. They are products that will deal with specific skin complaints as required after the skin has been cleansed. Toners can have a purpose in your skin care but the purpose is very specific to your skin care needs.

If you suffer from acne you may want to use toner with salicylic acid, a proven treatment for acne.

If you suffer from hyper-pigmentation you may prefer a toner with Vitamin C.

If you have dry skin you may prefer a toner with a higher glycerin content to keep your skin moisturised.

The list of ways to choose your toner goes on and on. Keep in mind that these benefits can be delivered via various mediums. Moisturisers and serums are  both post-cleansing products that often contain these active ingredients. You simply have to choose the medium you find most effective in your skin care routine.

Do you need a toner? Maybe not but you might really want one and once used effectively, it can work for you.

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One comment on “Do I need a toner? Yes and No…
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