Review – Mac Prep and Prime Face Protect Spf 50

Sun Protection and Oil control but unfortunate packaging

The MAC Prep and Prime Face Protect product is the best commercial oil control primer that I have used.

MAC’s website indicates that this primer is formulated with special powders that absorb oil. The  primer, when squeezed from the tube, has the look and the feel of a thicker sunscreen. No surprise because it carries a sunscreen of SPF 50. Even with such a high SPF it however gives little  to no white cast when applied to the face, a common complaint for other high SPF sunblock.

Be aware though that high SPF can be the enemy of photos as they can give a flash back that can be ashy in photos. That hasn’t been my experience with this primer though.

This  primer will hold your makeup like no other. I have had the experience of being stuck in grid-locked traffic in hot and humid weather with no air conditioning and I felt like a sweaty mess while testing this product. When I looked at my face all of my makeup was still perfectly in place with no shine.

One wonderful benefit of this primer is that it has the ability to make your foundations transfer resistant. I have used this with both Black Opal foundation stick and the Maybelline Dream Matte mousse which typically get everywhere but with the use of this primer I experienced minimal transfer.

It’s not all wine and roses though, I do find that the dryer texture of this formula can make it a little harder to blend your foundations over it. This is something I have come to expect from oil control primers so this doesn’t deter me.

I absolutely loathe the packaging, the hard tubing makes it a difficult to control the amount of product that comes from the tube and as the product runs low it is darn near impossible to get the last of the product in the bottle.

You will get more than 8 hours wear out of your makeup with this product. I love the fact that it includes sunscreen, thus makes it definite daytime must try for carnivals, crop over and outside activities. It is certainly a pretty powerful primer.

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2 comments on “Review – Mac Prep and Prime Face Protect Spf 50
  1. f says:

    Thank you! Practical advice from the humid tropics that I can trust. I am checking you guys first from now on!

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