Review- Milk of Magnesia as a primer

Milk of Magnesia used as an oil control primer is the strongest oil control product I have encountered. I admit that I approach this primer with some trepidation but the truth is, it works!

How to use:

Take a cotton round and layer a thin layer of MOM on your face and allow to dry.

MOM is a milky liquid and when dry will leave a thin chalky textured residue on your face. If you have any  white patches. Scrape these areas off.

Then apply your foundation.

As a primer this product has a lot to recommend itself. It’s readily available for purchase, it’s very inexpensive and it works  to reduce shine drastically during the day.

Milk of Magnesia on your skin externally will be drawing moisture from your skin and reducing the excess sebum that comes through and settles on the surface.

However there are some drawbacks. The chalky dry texture that it leaves behind can greatly reduce the smooth application of your foundation, as a result  a lot more blending will be required than with traditional primers.

In addition Milk of Magnesia is alkaline (pH of 10.5)This is in contrast to healthy skin which is slightly acidic(pH of 4.6-5.5). Because of this I avoid using Milk of Magnesia as a daily solution to oil control. I will whip it out for special occasions however.

Some possible solutions to the above issues.

1. Mix it with a little bit of oil free moisturiser. The moisturiser will have been formulated with skin in mind and will allow more ‘spreadability’ and likely bring the pH closer to neutral which is closer to the skins pH.

2. Alternatively dilute the Milk of Magnesia with water, decant into a spray bottle and spray onto the face and then let dry. This greatly reduces the chalkiness.

It takes a while to get used to the idea of a laxative on your face but Milk of Magnesia certainly tops the list of pretty powerful primers.

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7 comments on “Review- Milk of Magnesia as a primer
  1. Bijou says:

    I love MOM as a primer too!

  2. feferity says:

    The tips you included are fantastic! I love MOM and have only used it with the cotton ball, but I like the idea of mixing it with moisturizer or spraying it much better.

  3. Janet says:

    I tried it and IT WORKED!!!!

  4. […] sure looks like Milk of Magnesia on her face. We reviewed how powerful Milk of Magnesia can be as an oil control primer.  here on the […]

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