Getting the Summer Body Glow

It’s already  the middle of July and I can’t help but wonder where did the time go. Its Crop Over (Carnival) time here in Barbados, which means, parties, fetes and limes and of course there are the costume bands.

If you have ever seen a Crop Over Costume band, then you know that there is a quite a bit of skin on display. It’s been a while since I was in  a costume band but I am definitely going to prepare my skin just in case. Costumes, shorts, bikinis and all the things of summer are best displayed on smooth glowy skin. I’m going to get started right this minute!

Feathers, beads, glitter and skin

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1. Exfoliation

Everything starts with exfoliation. Use body mitts or a body scrubs every other day to get your skin smooth. If you suffer from sensitive itchy skin (like me) you can probably only handle doing this once a week. Exfoliation will increase skin cell turn over and it will help with circulation which will give a healthy glow to the skin.

Concentrate on those areas that are normally rough and collect dead skin cells, like your elbows and knees.

You don’t need to buy a scrub either, a mix of oil and table salt can give you a good non irritating body scrub, 🙂

2. Break out the moisturiser and the oils

This seems like it would be an obvious step, but moisturise daily. In fact moisturise twice a day, at night and during the day. Do not let your skin get a chance to get dry. Supple skin automatically glows on its own.

If you need a little extra something for extra dry skin, consider mixing a natural oil like jojoba or olive oil into your lotion to banish any ash or dry skin patches.

3. Get rid of the hair.

Shave, Wax, Cream, what ever you do… you are going to need to get rid of the hair. Summer glow will not show under hairy legs. Getting rid of body hair can be a real pain but if you want to achieve the glow it is necessary.

4. Tan

There is something about a tan that gives you that deep ingrained golden sun-kissed glow that cannot be replicated.

I’m not advocating that you lay out in the Caribbean sun for long hours with no sun protection though!. I’ve been sunburned too many times to advise that route (Ouch!). However a couple of hours at a time with a lower than normal SPF will get you started on your body glow.

And then you can get started on a fake tan. A good fake tan  will give you that golden glow, and the best thing is you have some control over how much tan you get. I recommend gradual tanners to be used over a period of a couple of weeks or an instant tanner to use on the day.

Follow the directions on your fake tan very carefully. While a good fake tan can be a thing of wonder a bad one can be a thing of horror, streaky and orange rather than golden.

Clarins Instant Self Tanning Gel gives you the bronzed glow with out streakiness and orange palms. I find you get maximum results if layered every 2-3 days. Last seen in Cave Shepherd Broad Street.

5. Body Glosses and Bronzing Oils

These are oils and lotions with shimmer and sometimes bronzing pigments that give an instant Hollywood glow to the skin.

Rub them on and instant fab. Be mindful to let them set to your skin before you dress though as sometimes the pigments can transfer to your clothing.

The Palmer’s cocoa butter line does a body gloss that I like to mix into my moisturiser for a subtle glow. Last seen in Diamond Girl Lower Broad Street.

My routine starts from today, I’m a bit late, but better late than never 🙂

Until next post. 🙂


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