Shaving with Oil

Shaving with Oil

Now the conventional wisdom is that you should shave your legs with one of the fruity smelling shaving creams on the market and for most of my life I did this.

However the skin on my legs is incredibly dry. No shaving cream no matter their claims ever left my legs feeling moisturised after I had finished shaving. Further, all of the foaming seemed to be an obstruction to me being actually being able to see the areas on my legs that had perhaps been missed by my razor.

Generally the results of my usual shaving sessions were itchy dry legs with patches of hair still remaining after I had washed off the cream.

It was a tad frustrating but I preferred shaving to hair removal creams. (Another exercise in frustration, chemical burns and still there was hair on my legs)

One day while perusing the internet I discovered a shaving oil that was designed for men’s facial hair.

Oils of all types are a staple in my beauty routines, for use  from head to toe, so it wasn’t a stretch to pull out the ever faithful baby oil to shave my legs.

The pros;

I could see the areas were I needed to shave clearly

My legs are very moisturised after a shaving session and there is no more itchiness.

No Razor Burn

The razor glides smoothly because of the oil.

SInce my initial try with Baby oil I have also used coconut oil and olive oil with good results.

The cons:

Because you are using oil its a bit harder to get the shaved hairs out of the blade.


Conclusion:For dry itchy skin shave with oil

Have you ever tried shaving with oil?

What are your thoughts?


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2 comments on “Shaving with Oil
  1. Girl if that’s the ONLY con I will try it out. I use a lot of oils as well but neveer thought about using it for shaving. I usually use Veet and shave just to keep it up. Veet is great BUT I have to be in the mood for it because of the waiting for 5 minutes for it to work. With Veet you’re just standing there in the shower with the water off so you don’t add to the water crisis and the whole time your cold. I tried Nair spa Clay Wax CRAP! and it hurt and didn’t work and it’s expensive. So I’ll give this a try! Thanks for the info.

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