I bruise easily -Dealing with Hyperpigmentation.

My name is Kim and I suffer from Hormonal acne. *waves* at the room. Approximately once a month a colony of unwelcome squatters pitch tents on my cheeks and chin.  Worse than that, when these squatters are evicted from my face via my favorite solutions they have the audacity to leave their mark, Post – Inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also commonly referred to as dark spots.

While the acne spots on my face never get a chance to stick around on my face for more than a couple days the dark spots are with me for months on end sometimes even years.It is one of the main reasons foundation is a must have in my makeup collection.

Over the years I have come up with a multifaceted plan of attack. Skin Brighteners/ lighteners and sunscreen and routine exfoliation.

The benefits of exfoliation can not be over stated whether you choose to do this with gentle acids and enzymes or with fine grained scrubs the exfoliation improves the texture of the skin, and increases skin cell turn over which helps fade dark marks.

I wear sunscreen daily, Although I love the sun and a tan the sun will make dark marks, darker and harder to remove. My face is the one place that remains at spf 50 all day, every day.  If you are looking for a sunscreen I recommend these ones.

Skin lighteners and brighteners, I use a vitamin C serum daily and sometimes twice daily. The vitamin c is antioxidant that is proven to blur dark marks and aid in improving skin clarity. .When purchasing a vitamin C serum be cautious, vitamin C loses its effectiveness with exposure to light. Try not to purchase vitamin C serums packaged in clear glass as they are likely only as good as putting water on your face. If you are interested in a vitamin c serum packaged in clear glass or plastic ask about whether it is activated Vitamin C which is the kind that is photostable. The Mac Prep and Prime Skin Brightening serum meets all of these requirements.

Occasionally when my skin has gotten ridiculously  bad I used hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a regulated skin lightener  which is proven to remove pigment from skin. Some  years back my skin was so bad, persons assumed I had an attack of chicken pox. It was pretty bad but with in a matter of 2 weeks, and twice daily application of a 5% solution of hydroquinone. The marks were significantly faded and hardly noticeable.Use  of sunscreen with this product is absolutely essential as it will make your skin more sensitive to sun and lack of sun exposure plus hydroquinone can make dark spots even worse!

If you are interested in this I suggest that you do not waste your time with the formulas in the beauty supply stores. Many of them are only as about effective as a vitamin c serum and they are also often packaged inappropriately causing the hydroquinone to lose its efficacy. Just like vitamin C, Hydroquinone lose efficacy with exposure to light. It should always be packaged in dark or opaque packaging.

Hydroquinone has a controversial history and is actually banned in Europe. I only suggest its use under the guidance of a doctor. If you want a reason to avoid over use of this product consider these photos of  Dance hall Artist Vybz Kartel and baseball player Sami Sosa after bleaching their skin. It isn’t cute.

The sad truth , I’ve accepted that I will be dealing with hyperpigmentation for the majority of life time.. according to Natasha, I bruise easily. Am I the only one who remembers this song?

How awesome is that geisha-esque look and the scene with her removing her makeup?

Until next post.



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