I still miss my stylist

I haven’t had a relaxer in almost 2 years and I cut my hair off to go natural about 1 1/2 years ago. From the moment after my old stylist cut those  last relaxed ends the care and styling of my hair has been in my own hands.

On one hand it has been an empowering feeling. I no longer felt the need to schedule events around my stylists timetable and I enjoyed trying new products. For 9 months out of any given year I am happy to find my hands full of wet, conditioned hair ready for styling.

On the other hand, it can suck pretty bad sometimes. I have tried to dye my hair no fewer than 3 times with less than stellar results.Trimming my hair gives me moments of panic every time I think  about doing it (not that it stops me) and sometimes I just want someone else to do it, and allow my arms to rest.

My stylist from my last years as a relaxed head was great at salon management. His appointments ran on time and I always got what I wanted when I visited the salon. I’m still searching for an equivalent stylist for my natural hair though.
I’m not hard I just need:

An appointment system that works

A stylist that keeps up with the current trends in hair care

The ability to advise me on styling options like colouring and cutting

A  positive attitude towards natural hair.

That isn’t too much to ask is it?

For the moment I am maintaining my hair on my own, which is fine but I’m really at the point where I really want a break.
These days you are  going to see my hair in one of  these two hairstyles

The braid out fro.


The Puff, Puff pass..

Finding a great stylist for my relaxed hair took me round 10 years lets hope that finding my preferred stylist for natural hair doesn’t take that long.

Meanwhile I’m taking recommendations.

Until next post.


It's Kim Probably...

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10 comments on “I still miss my stylist
  1. Dizzy says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I would like a stylist who is trained in natural hair care and not a stylist who had natural hair when she was 10, so she knows what she is doing…

  2. nubienne says:

    Ha! having removed the afro-weave I have even given up on the “twist out”. I just wet it, put some shea butter in it and pick out the roots with my afro comb. See photo here http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151498992327741&l=52284d748f

  3. I have recently started offering natural hair styling and braiding services. I am located in Trinidad, but will be in Barbados from October 19-27. Message me on facebook and we can probably arrange something.You can view my business page here: https://www.facebook.com/ReneesNaturalHairstyling

  4. Kee says:

    Sheaka is a natural hair stylist who is very passionate about natural hair, check out her page:


  5. chris chris says:

    have you found a hairstlyist yet? actually attending a wedding in barbados later this month but i’m looking for someone to style my hair. HELP!

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