What’s in my makeup bag?

Its Sunday night and I’m clearing out the bits and bobs that have been accumulating in my handbag and switching up what I have in my daily makeup bag.

I love my makeup bag. An old school friend gave it to me as a gift many years ago. the black and white zebra print was sooooo me circa early 2000s  (Shout out to Mrs.Smith).

In front of it is my Mark by Avon mini brush set that has been a staple in my bag for more than a  year now.

I try not to overload my makeup bag these days. I don’t always succeed but this week I was able to keep it to a minimum. These days I will apply my liquid or cream foundation at home and rush off to work to finish the job with these products.

I have in here:

1. The white powder in the back is the Makeup Forever HD powder placed in a MAC loose blot powder jar. I prefer the size and the structure of the MAC jar.

I use this powder to touch up my face during the day. It is an excellent powder for touch ups for oily skin but do yourself a favour, never use this for photographs. This powder gives a ridiculous amount of flash back on camera (instant ashy face). The one  caveat? If you use a makeup spray like MAC fix plus you can get the powder to settle and it will photograph much better.

For day time though, this powder is fine.

2. A bejeweled handheld mirror compact. I love this mirror. It was a gift from a family member and it appeals to the girly girl in me. It carries both a real size and a magnifying mirror.

3.  Makeup Pencil Sharpener

4. Nivea Glamourous Gloss in Natural. I have only recently bought this and I have mixed feelings. It has a very strong fruity scent that is bit overpowering. Its very smooth in texture, not sticky and gives good shine. So far so good but the scent does put me off a bit.

5. Revlon Superlustrous lip gloss in Toast to shine. A pale shimmery colour that goes on a like a pale yellow toned nude on my lips. A very easy nude colour for me.

6. Clinique Instant Lift for brows – my current brow pencil. in blackened brown. This is a pretty decent brow pencil but I do wish the pencil was a little thinner though. I’m almost finished this tube so I’m in search of a great brow pencil
7. Revlon colour stay eyeliner in Blackberry

8. Black UP waterproof Eye kohls in KS05 and KS04 (Purple and green)

I love eyeliners so it’s no surprise I have 3 in my bag. They wake my face up like no other makeup product. I have pretty large eyes and I typically line both upper and lower lids for a defined eye look.

I also love to layer my eyeliner. The Revlon liner in the package is a dark plum colour that renders dark brown on my lids. I love  to line both upper and lower waterlines with a dark  colour and then use the Black UP liners which are quite bright along the lash line. Love!\

I have been quickly falling in in love with these Black UP Waterproof Kohls. They are soft on the eyes and they don’t budge! Sometimes they don’t move even when you want them too!

9. Milani Mineral Powder Blush in Mai Tai. This is a matte peachy pink or a pinky peach colour. Love! I prefer matte blushes for work but it is so dang hard to find matte drugstore blushes! These blushes by Milani are a total win.  I think this shade is discontinued but if you are in Barbados I would check out Diamond Girl in Sheraton Centre which still had a handful of these Milani blushes.

10. Blotting sheets. These aren’t the best I have ever tried but not the worse either. I’m an oily girl and I need blotting sheets in my life. Barbados is so hot and humid sometimes I feel like I will melt in a puddle just standing there. I will often use 3 or four at a time to avoid disturbing my makeup.
Technically the brush set isn’t in my  makeup bag but its a makeup staple that I travel with daily!

This brush set from Mark by Avon is an absolute gem. I’ve been using these brushes for more than a year now and I love them for on the go  use. The set contains a lip brush, an eyeliner brush, concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush and powder brush.

For me, the undisputed star of the show is the powder brush. I have used this brush for everything from applying creams to powders.  It has shed minimally and performs outstandingly.

Special mention goes to the concealer and eyeliner brushes which are the runner ups in this set.

See that isn’t a lot 🙂 What do you carry in your makeup bag? I love to see what other people are using in their makeup bags. I too love to maco.

Until next post 🙂


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3 comments on “What’s in my makeup bag?
  1. Nicole says:

    Such a cute makeup bag!

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