Something’s wrong with Rihanna’s 2012 Vogue cover

Hello beauty lovers! I know I have been away for AGES and Kim is probably still giving me stink-eye but I still love you all! I have been swamped with work, teaching and home and haven’t been capable of blogging until today…

Today I caught a glimpse of Rihanna’s new Vogue cover in my newsfeed.

Let me first tell you that I love Rihanna, I love that bad-ass, mouth-ain’t-got-no-cover red girl from Westbury Road, love that our international superstar still comes home to wuk-up on a truck during Kadooment and ignores what the undereducated at TMZ and the Daily Mail have to say about a little dancing. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, the new Vogue cover shot by Annie LeibowitzImage

Why does my Rih Rih look like a zombie and what is wrong with the proportions of her head, neck and shoulders? I can’t quite identify the specifics but there is something wrong here. Look at these images of Rihanna, and no lie, Monica and Ronald’s offspring is a genetic winner, a stunning Barbadian woman with a body that makes many women cry with jealousy when they are alone in their rooms.


That cover just makes her look…dead. Her head looks thinner and her back looks twisted in an unnatural dare I say inhuman, yes I said it, inhuman way, she also looks oddly thin. Thanks Vogue but I want hot, sexy, normal-looking Rihanna back.

Am I crazy or does something look off to you too?


EDIT: ¬†On set today the topic of the cover came up and I had to post this image, this is Jaye’s actual reaction when asked what she thought of the cover.

Well, that says it all.

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8 comments on “Something’s wrong with Rihanna’s 2012 Vogue cover
  1. NiToya says:

    when i first saw it, i was like ‘ why Rih face look so hard and sinked in?” i’ve nver seen her looking so ‘starved out’ before…..

  2. Cash Hunte says:

    her pose is very modelesque. Yes she definitely has lost a lot of weight and has a very vacant look in her eyes. but please remember that american VOUGE has a certain demographic that they are targeting.

    • nubienne says:

      Cash, she’s lost weight the way everyone seems to lose weight at Vogue…photoshop. There is no sign in any recent pictures, candid or not, of the kind of weight loss that Vogue shows on that cover, what did she do, lose 15 lbs overnight then gain it back before she left the studio?

      Love her, really don’t like what Vogue did here. BTW I loved her last Vogue cover, that smoked everything!

  3. Gemmel Drakes says:

    Since this is a Vogue cover, i’ll say it in French: Quelle Horreur!!

  4. nubienne says:

    Another blogger who felt the same way but now I can’t find the post…hmmmm…interesting.

  5. Odd Cents says:

    Agreed… She looks too thin. Photoshop can be evil…

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