BlackUp vrs Ren cleansers and moisturisers UPDATE

Hi, My name is Risée and I’m a makeup addict.  There I said it, can we move on now?

I have been lucky enough to add a few things to my makeup bag this month so of course it is time for a review!

Let’s start with cleansers, I bought BlackUp’s “Daily Face Purifying gel” and it is awesome! I love the way it gets every last bit of dirt off my face, super! I also got a sample of two Ren products that are  still in the trial phases the “Ren, Mayblossom, t-zone balancing cleanser”  yeah it is a mouthful. I thought this would lather up but it doesn’t, apparently you are supposed to wipe it off with a cloth. I found that my face wasn’t clean and that most of my eye makeup was still on even after I did as instructed twice! On the other hand my skin felt much nicer and softer than it did after the BlackUp cleanser. Let’s compare BlackUp with REN shall we? After cleansing with BlackUp’s cleanser I moved on to the “Mattifying Fluid” which doesn’t seem all that mattifying but it does moisturise quite nicely without adding oil. I do find that with my oily skin the greasies are not held at bay with these two products and I need to blot and powder frequently.

Ok, with REN I cheated a bit because the makeup was just not coming off, I washed with dove soap, yup, good old Dove got my face clean then I used the REN cleanser, then the”Balancing T-zone Fluid” then I applied my makeup….ooooh I must admit that this combination keeps the greasies in check for much longer but given that I used the BlackUp in the hottest part of the TROPICAL day and used the REN in the afternoon/evening this comparison is a little skewed. I will repeat my experiments during the week and report.


Ok, so I tried Ren all day on Sunday and BlackUp all day on Monday, Ren wins for keeping away the oil but BlackUp wins for actually cleaning my face, side note, M.A.C’s Fix Plus mixed with foundation is a prefect way to get your makeup to stay put all day long, add an extra spritz after your powder and grease or no grease at least the makeup won’t move.


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