Review: Orly Bonder Rubberised Base Coat and a love song

I have so much love for this base coat but I also have a serious challenge.

I LOVE it because it helps even the most mediocre of nail polishes last at least a week on my nails.


I HATE it because it does not prevent staining on my nails. Beware the yellowed stain left behind after dark polishes.

I LOVE the rubberised tacky feeling that this leaves behind on the nail. This is what allows my polish to grip and last longer, and it lives up to the name of the product.

I HATE that I can’t find this product in my country (Barbados). I bought this when I passed through Mexico last year.

I LOVE the thin consistency of this polish which hasn’t dried at all in the months that I owned it and allows me to make very thin layers on my nails


I LOVE that it dries quickly so I can get down to the fun part of doing my manicure, the colour.

I LOVE that although this base appears to be tinted in the bottle, there is no transfer of colour to the nails.

I LOVE the rubberized easy grip handle of the Orly brush. Every brand should do this.


Because I love this product so much I actually add one extra step to my manicure. I use a normal non rubberised base coat on my nails and then the Orly Bonder to get the lasting manicure effects and to prevent staining. then I polish my nails with colour.

This one extra step gives me everything I need.

There is a lot to love with this base coat with just one extra step to this base coat. I wish I could repurchase easily but I will have to order online or wait until I travel next.

If I was a song writer or a singer and this base coat was my love I would sing about my love for this base coat and all the good things it does for me and yet the reasons why we cant be together because my love lives so far away. Orly Bonder can only be my part-time lover.

Update: This and other Orly products can now be found in Imart in Barbados

In the meantime I’m looking for a full-time love that I can find locally with similar attributes.

What is your favourite base coat?

Until next post.



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4 comments on “Review: Orly Bonder Rubberised Base Coat and a love song
  1. Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base and Top Coat is the only thing that gets my nail polish to last through the week. I only wish I’d discovered it sooner because midweek touch ups were frustrating.

  2. […] common. I found that after about two days unless I am using a truly superior base coats like the Orly here, my polish would peel right away from my nail bed like perfect little nail wraps. Very […]

  3. […] Including the Orly Rubberized base coat (available at IMarts across Barbados ) which I reviewed here . Some others that are worth checking out are the CND Sticky Base Coat (available at Bio Beauty, […]

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