5 tips for surviving airline travel

Traveling can be rough on your skin. To counter the effects of substantial amounts of time spent breathing dry pressurised air I have a few tricks.

1. Suck down water like a dromedary in the desert for several days before your trip.woman-sweating Your skin will  bless you mightily for your efforts. You should be doing this anyway and the extra hydration will help you get through the flight without painfully chapped lips and skin dry enough to play X + O’s on.

2. Exfoliate! Getting rid of dry dead skin before your travel date will help keep you looking as refreshed at the end of the trip as at the beginning. I even exfoliate my lips with an electric toothbrush! so easy!

3. chapstick, chapstick, chapstick. Even if you want to roll through the terminal in your favourite lipstick basing your lips with generous amounts of chapstick at night on the days leading up to your trip will keep them soft and supple. Don’t forget to slather on an extra layer under your lipstick before you head to the airport!

4. Go easy on the foundation but go heavy on the moisturiser. Add extra moisturiser to your skin before you travel because the dry cabin air is ruthless! If you forget to slather on the moisturiser and go too heavy on the foundation you may find yourself looking a bit like a corpse at the end of your trip. The makeup may settle in places your didn’t want it to to settle and instead of looking dewy and fresh you’ll look overly made up and exhausted. I moisturise first then conceal what needs to be concealed—dark circles I am looking at you— then mix a little bit of foundation with my moisturiser. Perfect dewy skin for all nine hours of travel!

5. pro tip: Ben Nye Super Sealer is my must-have product, I think I may create a space for it in my camera bag so I am never without it.Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 6.36.04 AM After your face is all perfect and dewy, seal in the perfection with this makeup sealer. You could run a marathon and still look as perfect as the moment you put that final touch on your face.

Happy trails!


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4 comments on “5 tips for surviving airline travel
  1. Janet says:

    Nice … Where can we purchase the Final Seal?

    • nubienne says:

      You can order it online or you have to get it at Abracadabra in NYC. At the moment I am not above begging a friend to bring me a bottle when they travel.

  2. […] 5. Get a setting spray. Setting sprays are a bit more recent advance in the fight to keep makeup in place. As yet quality setting sprays haven’t reached the drug store brands and I only know of one brand that retails a good setting spray in Barbados. However these sprays are worth searching out. They hold the makeup in place like no other and in addition to the above steps can put you in good stead for a night out of sweaty partying and you can still look great for the morning after breakfast. We recommended the Ben Nye setting spray here. […]

  3. […] some beauty-related travel tips, have a look at this post over at Bajan Beauty […]

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