Make it last- An Oily girl primer to makeup

If you are an oily girl you know my trials with makeup. On top of that I a live in arguably the most humid country in the world, Barbados.

If I’m not careful my makeup will slide away from face in to nothingness with in an hour.


How do I make my makeup last, I layer.


1. Use a foaming face wash

Foaming facial cleansers tend to dry the skin out a bit more than other cleansers and as a result significantly reduce the amount of oil that can break through makeup.

2. Use an oil free light facial moisturiser and or sunscreen. Heavy moisturisers for day will increase the chances of  oil breaking down your makeup. Check out a review on some good light weight sunscreens here.

3. Use a primer. This has been the single most important rule in my makeup routine. Primers smooth the surface of the face and act as a barrier to breakthrough oil and help your makeup last longer and look fresher for longer. I’ve done several reviews on some options here.

3. Use an oil free or mattifying foundation. Avoid foundations that claim to be moisturising and illuminating if you are trying to reduce shine. They tend to mean more shine. Instead select oil free, mattifying foundations whether they are liquid or powder. You can checkout our reviews of foundations here.

4. Always set with powder. Always. Translucent powder set foundations to dry matte finishes and have been the long-established method of keeping foundation in place.

5. Get a setting spray. Setting sprays are a bit more recent advance in the fight to keep makeup in place. As yet quality setting sprays haven’t reached the drug store brands and I only know of one brand that retails a good setting spray in Barbados. However these sprays are worth searching out. They hold the makeup in place like no other and in addition to the above steps can put you in good stead for a night out of sweaty partying and you can still look great for the morning after breakfast. We recommended the Ben Nye setting spray here.

I’ve followed this routine and it works. It has even lasted me through some thoroughly sweaty gym sessions.

What are you doing to keep your makeup fresh? What are your favourite products to battle the shine?

Until next post.



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4 comments on “Make it last- An Oily girl primer to makeup
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