Never say never with Fashion trends

I really need to remember the phrase never say never. I’m always full of finite pronouncements, declaring that I will never do this or that..and quite often have to eat my words.

I’m sure we’ve always experienced it at one time or the other. For instance that time you would never date that guy.. and then he became your husband. Hey, don’t judge it happens to all of us.

I’ve been guilty of this with fashion trends. I remember declaring that I would never forsake my bootcut jeans in favour of skinny jeans or cigarette pants. All this in fear that I would look like a wobbling top as i was walking due to my decidedly pear-shaped body that is blessed with a little more hips than i sometimes appreciate.

But of course I did eventually succumb to the inevitable. Skinny jeans are now the only type of jeans I wear. I found that though i am wide of hip as I am also relatively petite of frame and skinny jeans and a high heel gave me an elongated silhouette that I long for.

skinny_jeans and heels

My next never say never is more recent. For the longest while I have declared to all who would listen that leggings are never to be considered pants as such they should always be worn with tunics, longer shirts and short dresses until I saw these photos.

Leggings  stripe2 patterned leggings1

How sexy are these leggings? And  I plan to wear them with a shirt that barely covers my butt too. some how the pattern makes these leggings seem more like pants to me. In any case I bought this pair of leggings.

my blue leggings

I fully intend to wear these leggings like pants and not underneath extra long shirts or short dresses. Look out for the follow-up post.

What fashion or trend resolutions have you broken?

Until next post.



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6 comments on “Never say never with Fashion trends
  1. nubienne says:

    LOL, every time I saw leggings as pants in Manhattan I thought of you and now looka…

  2. Oz says:

    I like these leggings! They’re pretty cool.

  3. SymoneF says:

    I LIVE in leggings sometimes as I was always a dress/skirt girl and I get tired of jeans up here. My mum used to advise me against leggings because of my small legs and ankles and now she can’t say anything lol. You can always wear trends, it’s just to find what suits your body the best ;).

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