Yes, I wear makeup to the gym

I’m the girl in the gym working out, sweating like the proverbial pot cover in a full face of makeup.

mel b sweating

I don’t apply makeup to go to the gym but since I primarily workout at the end of the day before I head home, I simply don’t bother to remove my makeup.

I’ve never experienced  breakouts on my face  from wearing makeup  even though many have warned me about it. What is more my makeup is generally intact when I leave the gym.

So I was happy to read this post by the scientist at FutureDerm who indicate that wearing makeup to the gym isn’t really that bad. Most people seem appalled when they realise that I don’t remove my make up before the gym and immediately predict all kinds of skin conditions upon me. It’s quite terrifying.

I don’t remove my makeup before I work out simply because my evening cleansing routine is quite involved and not one I wish to do in my gym’s rest room. Also because my makeup last’s all the way through my workout I’m never concerned that I will look a full mess.

Yes my makeup does last through all of  my sweating and workouts. Here is why. One  of my exercise buddies  once remarked to me, ‘ you’re very good if you can get your makeup to last through a workout’. I’m not in fact very good but I do take precautions to ensure my makeup lasts.

The reason I’ve never had any adverse reaction to working out in makeup is likely because my acne is typically hormonally induced.

Do you wear makeup during your work outs?

Are you shocked that I  do?

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8 comments on “Yes, I wear makeup to the gym
  1. Sam says:

    I will where minimal makeup to the gym, but I am trying to break the habit. It’s funny because whenever I do go without makeup, I feel like my skin is really detoxing more because there is a different consistency and degree of sweat.

  2. Miss Chanelli says:

    Oooh I could never wear makeup to the gym. I’d feel like all the sweat and makeup together would destroy my skin. I hate it when my face feels dirty and oily.


  3. 1reddiva83 says:

    Im quite shock because i have been told horror stories about wearing makeup to the gym. I only wear bb creme because i wear it in the morning. I just feel that i sweat feels so sticky and nasty adding makeup to that feeling would make me wash my face but thats me.

  4. freedomstump says:

    I usually just use make up wipes, but unless I am going swimming, I wouldn’t bother removing mine.

  5. […] Since I don’t receive any intrinsic joy from the mental and physical pain from working out, I always need ways to motivate me to get to the gym or to exercise. One of those ways is to dress in gym outfits that make me feel attractive. I’m sure that sounds pretty typical since I am a beauty blogger. I’ve even been known to wear my makeup to the gym. […]

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