Say What? Tales of a Caribbean natural

Ever had one of those moments when a person simply has no retort. when the only thing I am capable of doing is staring in baffled amazement, making a half-smile and going ‘Say What?’

afro in orange

I’ve had a number of these over the years as it relates to natural hair and as I look back I find them all pretty funny.

1. How you does comb that? (accompanied by a look of disdain)

2. You know sometimes wearing natural hair just isn’t appropriate for every occasion.

3. So what happened to your head? Are you going to comb it

4. For a light-skinned girl you got some real hard/nappy hair though

5. Since you work around so many Europeans you should be careful about going natural, they don’t like black people to look too militant. You already have a broad nose and thick  lips.

6. You should let me give you a texturiser.

7. You should use this special product and it will give you curls. (my hair is 4c, there have never been any curls in this afro.)

These days these type of comments amuse me but I will admit there was a point in time that they did phase me and lead me to wonder what was wrong with my hair. Natural afro hair is a lot more popular these days than it used to be and I find in general persons are more supportive of it so I don’t encounter this as much.

In general though if you want to go natural, be weary of these comments, research communities online that will give you support and don’t let these things phase you.

Keep calm

Do people ever say strange things to you about your hair?

Until next post.


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15 comments on “Say What? Tales of a Caribbean natural
  1. healthiestbeauty says:

    Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.

  2. When I first started locking almost 7 years ago it was “You know you’re going to have to cut off all your hair when you don’t want them any more?”
    Now it is “All of that is your hair?” or When are you going to cut them?”

  3. jayzboo says:

    i recently big chopped in December and ppl are still asking me if i going to texturise it, and i always ask them is something wrong with my natural texture and that usually shut them up

  4. Mags says:

    I am not natural but I have been thinking about it for a while. When I mentioned it to my gf yesterday she said you know you have hard hair. It is not that I haven’t heard this before but I feel defeated before I have even begun.

    • I totally understand you. I have that hard hair as well. Quite a lot of persons seem to think only those with looser curls should have the freedom to go natural. It’s best just to ignore them and follow your path on your own and find like mind people on blogs, facebook groups and forums.

  5. Janelle says:

    I cut off 18″ inches of relaxed hair and everyone thought I was mad. Now I have the curls and they all wanna know if it’s texturized, are you locking, how u got your hair to look so, what did this person or that person say. It is my damn hair I do what I want and I didn’t ask you ANYTHING about yours.

  6. Michele says:

    I have had those same questions/comments so many times and the saddest part is that most times the came from family members or ‘friends’, who just could not figure out why I would want to show my ‘bad hair’ to the world. Ironically these same people who felt it was their right to berate me for actually loving and being proud of my natural attributes and would become angry and defensive when I would not succumb to their suggestions; would then rant and rave if a non black person made a comment about any of their physical traits. I recall one person being so outraged when her the Caucasian partner expressed his displeasure at her wearing braids as opposed to her usual (long flowing) weave and berating the fact he didn’t appreciate her ‘natural’ look. Of course when I compared that with her views and comments towards me it was not appreciated in the least and I was told how I would look so much better if I followed them and used weave or braids to hide my hair…lol.

  7. […] I first wrote the first in this seriehttp:// I didn’t even think of the comments that children with natural hair would receive. How very […]

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