Easy does it with Giovanni Purifying Facial Scrub

It’s the weekend and I’ve been a tad bit under the weather for the last two weeks. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. So I haven’t really spent a lot of time on doing some of my beloved skin and hair care rituals.

I was well this weekend so out came one of my favourite skin care steps that had been a tad neglected over the last two weeks. My scrub!

giovanni detox

Scrubs have always made me happy and the Giovanni D-Tox system Purifying Facial Scrub is no exception.

The scrub squeezes out of the tube as an off grey thick sludge. I smooth it on to my wet face and I can feel micro fine spheres rubbing against my skin’s surface clearing skin and un-clogging blackheads.

giovanni grey sludge

What I love about this scrub is that though it is abrasive enough to make a visibly smoother texture in my skin the scrubbing particles are fine and even (not jagged) enough not to create an overly harsh sensation.

Giovanni claims that in addition to the scrubbing motion we get activated charcoal, volcanic ash and super antioxidants Acai and Goji Berry.

The antioxidants supposedly prevent free radical damage on the surface of the skin by firming skin and repairing sun damage.  The charcoal and the ash are proven exfoliators and cleansers.

Added bonus, when reading the ingredients I realised that this scrub also contains lemon juice and sugar cane both of which provide the so-called chemical exfoliants alpha hydroxy acids.

This scrub is an all around win and a great option for those with sensitive skins looking for a scrub.

Found at Natures Discount in Barbados.

What is your favourite scrub?

Have you ever tried this one?




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