Current hair care ritual.

I’m not afraid to say that doing my hair myself has become something of a pampering ritual these days.

Shampooing all of the styling product, sweat, dust and other things from my hair just feels so refreshing. I change up my hair care very often, (some may say too often).

I’ve been experimenting with this non sulfate shampoo recently. I like it but I’m not quite sure how different it makes my hair feel from a regular sulfate shampoo as yet so I have been completely converted to the sulfate free bandwagon.I lather up as many times as I feel necessary. It doesn’t make my hair tangle and it doesn’t leave my hair stripped, essential for my natural afro hair. I found this at Supercentre.

loreal shampoo

This hair masque is my most recent purchase from Bio Beauty. Anything that claims to give  moisture always captures my eye. In addition because I’ve been a attached to my blow dryer recently (for quick styling) I appreciate the protein in the ingredients to strengthen my hair. This masque definitely makes my feel stronger and moisturised but it is a little more pricey than I would like :(. I tend to leave this in longer than the recommended 5 minutes just because I like to keep it in while I take a bit of a nap.

agadir moisture masque

This leave in treatment is the newest of all the things posted here. In fact it isn’t available in Barbados on the ground and a lovely friend in hair brought it in for me. This cream has a heavy feel which my 4c hair appreciates but is some how light enough to work quickly through my hair and melt tangles. I think I may be in love. Be careful not to be heavy handed like I am though you could end up with the greasies.

Amla heavy cream

Do you have a weekend hair ritual?

What products are you using these days?


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