The single most stupid thing I have done with my hair

Ever look back over your hair journey and think, why in all that is good and reasonable did I do that? Especially when you know better?

Here is the single most stupid thing I have ever done on my hair journey.

While I was transitioning- (that is I still had relaxed ends, but also a whole lot of natural hair) I decided to get my hair braided at the last minute by a braider I had never gone to previously. I wanted a cornrowed style with extension hair.


Something like this

After the first few minutes I knew I had made a mistake.

My scalp was actually sore just from the first few braids. I was in a dilemma however. No matter how many times I asked the braider to rebraid it always seemed to tight. So I let her continue braiding my hair because after all I had a function the next morning and I need to have my hair done.

I kept those braids in for maybe two days, and they pulled my hairline completely out. I was bald around the edges. Bald!

Everyone around me was suggesting I keep the braids in and use braid sprays to loosen them, but when you have to take pain killers to deal, it really is past time that you take those bad boys out. Its been almost 2 years since the incident and my hairline still isn’t as I remembered it but it is certainly making progress.

For the most part I try not to pull my hair back too tightly and I occasionally massage the area with whatever oil I have on hand.

It was a tough lesson to learn but such is life.

Never allow a hair style to damage the health of your hair. It just isn’t worth it. Braids, weaves, relaxers, whatever it is, the health of your hair isn’t worth sacrificing for a temporary style.

What is the most stupid thing you have done with your hair?

Until next post.


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3 comments on “The single most stupid thing I have done with my hair
  1. I have done a lot of dumb things to my hair, but let’s see what the most stupid things are…..hmm I’d probably say getting my weaves done to tightly for years resulting in my hairline being non existent which made me stay with the weaves because I had to hide it, also using too much heat on my leave out resulting in heat damage and lastly “moisturizing” my hair with just grease, I know now my hair needs a water based product to add moisture to my hair. After years of doing stupid things to my hair I finally got it together and I really like how my natural hair is looking!

  2. Hi can you guys please, please, please do a review on a good BB cream? I haven’t been able to find any in Bim. I know that Mac has one but whenever i check in at Cave Shepherd they are all sold out. Anyway, if you have found one please tell us your experience!

    P.S. I think one of the reasons BB creams aren’t big here yet is because there are hardly any in shades for black girls/dark skinned women.

  3. […] head while transitioning. Just make sure your braider is careful and you don’t make the same mistake that I […]

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