Review Ponds Clarant B3 -A moisturiser with benefits

Every time I hear about skin care products that are dermatologist recommended I mentally roll my eyes. Just about everything these days claims to be doctor recommended.

This product was actually doctor recommended to a friend of mine by her dermatologist as an after care moisturiser, that would help brighten her skin, help fade hyper-pigmentation and keep her face matte. The dermatologist even claimed to use the same moisturiser herself.


I was intrigued and more so because this moisturiser is less than $10 Barbados dollars and widely available in pharmacies across the island.

I couldn’t resist so I picked it up in the Normal to Oily formulation.

The texture is a little creamier than I would have  expected but when applied to the face sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy.

In summary it’s a great light water based moisturiser that can be used daily without making me super greasy. If you suffer from hyper-pigmentation as I do this moisturiser has the added  benefit of helping brighten the complexion.

I didn’t get drastic fading of my hyper-pigmentation but enough that I was satisfied that this product works.

Found at Collins and AP Pharmacy on island and seen at pharmacies island-wide.

Have you ever tried this moisturiser?

What moisturiser are you currently using?

What were your thoughts?

Has your doctor ever recommended a great budget friendly skincare item?

Thanks to Siobhan who asked on the Facebook page for a recommendation for a good budget friendly water based moisturiser.

Until next post.


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10 comments on “Review Ponds Clarant B3 -A moisturiser with benefits
  1. Gemmel Drakes says:

    This is what I use…well, the normal to dry version anyway, and it does even the complexion, but you have to give it some time. Works really well.

  2. I was considering looking for a product that would fade gently but I hadn’t given it much thought or effort. I was happy to see this review.and I bought this today so I’ll see if it works for me.

  3. I bought the small sample size. It was an interesting product description and I felt it would do a good job. And it probably is a good moisturizer…just not for me. The first night I used it I woke up to tons of little bumps all along my cheeks (the only place I used it).

    So on to the next one!

  4. SymoneF says:

    I had chicken pox in 3rd form (March) and during Career day a dermatologist told me to use sunblock with an SPF of 50 or 70 (can’t remember) on my skin and it worked! I no longer had any marks on my face from the chicken pox by the end of the year. It works well where there is sun. Unfortunately I no longer have sun so I can’t use sunblock to get rid of hyper-pigmentation. I’ll look for this and try it though.

  5. Libra Lass says:

    I’ve used it before and am using it again and yes. It does give you the moisture you need without that greasy feeling

  6. […] Clarant B3 – Full Review here for normal to Oily skins especially great if you suffer from hyperpigmentation like I do and super […]

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