From Relaxed to Natural – Transitioning

I got a question on the Facebook page recently on tips on how to transition to natural hair.

I’ve transitioned to natural hair twice in my life and I’ve learnt a few things along the way.

1. Take your time and think about it.

Make sure going natural is what you want to do. Think about it. Research it. Join some hair forums, some natural hair blogs etc. The information available now is vast.

2. Set a transitioning goal.

Some people are fine with going straight to the big chop. A lot of us are not. Set a longer term goal for transitioning. It allows you to get used to the idea that the relaxed ends will have to go. It also allows you to do the research in tip 1.

3.  Carefully done braids  and twists are your friends.

senegalese twists

I spent a good portion of both of my transitions in braids. Braids with or with out extensions can give you a break from having to deal with the two textures on your head while transitioning. Just make sure your braider is careful and you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

4.  Blend the textures

more 002

Bantus in

last 013

Bantus out..

In those times when your hair isn’t in braids or twists start using styles that blend your textures.

Try Bantu knot outs, small roller sets, twists and curls.

In my transitioning period I would do several variations of these that gave me bouncy curly hair that somewhat helped to blend the textures. When doing them I always used a setting agent such as gel or mousse. You will need to do this as you will find other wise your relaxed ends will flop quite quickly.

5. Be patient

Transitioning can be a frustrating stage because you are trying to hold on to the relaxed ends until your natural hair grows out to a length you are comfortable styling.  Patience will be key.

Patience in detangling

Patience while waiting for it to grow.

So be patient

6. Be prepared to cut.

At the end of all of this we know that the relaxed ends are going to have to go. Prepare your self mentally for the loss of length. It is inevitable and unavoidable  and desirable in your transition to natural.

7. Keep your ultimate goal of being fully natural in mind.

Its easy during the transitioning stage to feel like giving up and going back to the relaxer but keep  your self motivated by keeping photos of your goal natural hair styles around you.

This more than anything is what kept me and keeps me going on my natural journey.

Natural hair is now my default aesthetic.

Are you considering going natural? How do you plan to start the journey?

Are you already natural? Did you transition from relaxed hair? How did you do it?

Until next post.

P.S Thanks to Siobhan who asked this question on the Facebook page. 🙂



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