Updating your wardrobe for “Spring”

Well it is finally Spring in the Northern hemisphere and for us down in the tropics that means new styles are out and fabulous, fun colours are back. I don’t know about you but the drab winter colours were depressing, who wants to wear goth colours when the sky is a brilliant shade of cerulean blue and the temperature is 96 degrees in the shade? So, Spring is here and the colours are making me happy, pinks and greens and yellows, delish! The metallics are gorgeous, no more straight up gold or silver.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.14.00 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.14.06 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.14.15 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.14.22 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.14.28 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.15.16 AM

The metallics reflect the ocean, deep shimmering blues, aqua, turquoise, purples, sand colours like shimmery beige and ecru, reef colours, yellows, pinks and  corals. Colour me excited!

So you can retire the flat dark colours that characterised the trends of late last year. Yay!  Clothing trends have also lightened up, and although the dreaded peplum refuses to die— one has even managed to worm its way into my closet— there are also some new ways to update the trend. Belt your peplum, yes you can. A slim belt in a contrasting colour can add some zing to the trend that refuses to die.

Adding a singular piece in this season’s hot colour  fiery red/orange can take you from “ho hum” to “hot momma” in a minute! ms-0122-199x300 rihanna-short-red-one-shoulder-dress-01 kadiatu-in-orange-dress-ii

African prints are still hot too, so the combination of red/orange and a strong print looks fantastic, especially on dark skin and worn by us Caribbean girls.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.48.37 AMThe skater skirt is also a trend but I’d wear this trend with extreme caution if,like me— like many of us— you’ve got a good old Caribbean girl butt.

These skirts are tailored for the less endowed.  The wonderful shape makes you look like you have a butt and it is swingy but since I’ve already got a BOSS (Backside Of Significant Size)…

I do have a skirt of this shape but I find that the way to wear this trend is with extreme amounts of structure and an almost knee-length silhouette.

The skirt might look a little long at the front but at least you won’t be feeling the breeze at the back and blinding random passers-by. Also, pull a princess Diana and sew pennies into the hem to help maintain your modesty.

In case you missed it Janelle Monae would like to inform you that to be on trend you need to wear black and white stripes and a red lip. The End. Done.

lace-dressLace lace lace. The lace trend is perfect for the Caribbean, white lace is particularly on trend but if you don’t want to go all out in white you can just dip a toe into the trend with a little lace embellishment.screen-shot-2013-04-08-at-3-04-22-pm_0

Last, the big questions are, where can I get these trends in Barbados?  will they arrive in the stores before they go out of style? Will everyone have exactly the same thing?

1. Redd Boutique in Bridgetown is pretty good at getting the trends right, even if you have to dig through lots of last year’s stylings to find the new things.

Avoid Swan Street, just avoid it, please. You can find a few pieces there but the likelihood that everyone in Bim has the same thing is high and you will not get your money’s worth. I refuse to pay $110 for a $10 dress. I… just… no. Please don’t tell me about duties and taxes either.

Visit my favourite store Marcelle Decaille Boutique in Carlisle House, the stock is always fresh and on trend and the prices are comparable with New York. Seriously, where else are you going to get a pair of H&M pants for just about the same as you’d pay for them in NYC? Also the store seems to be in perpetual sale mode. If you like something, keep an eye out, it may just end up in the sale chest!

Rumour has it that Butter London nail polishes are available in iMart in Lanterns Mall and my go-to OPI source, Diamond Girl in Bridgetown, has a fabulous range… and last time I checked there was a sale on! Essie polishes can be found at Collins in Bridgetown and Check Cave Shepherd for L’Oreal, Dior and Chanel.

Don’t forget that the biggest update to your wardrobe must be tossing the old stuff. Don’t hang on to things that are out of style or faded or worn, you do not need more than two dresses to *wear around the house* let it go, grab a garbage bag and donate that stuff to charity. The Salvation Army has several locations and St Dominic RC church in Bay street is always willing to accept donations.

Happy updating!


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2 comments on “Updating your wardrobe for “Spring”
  1. Lisa B says:

    what about us B&B ladies who have a lot up top?? dont leave us out!!! thanks 🙂

  2. nubienne says:

    I have a post coming up soon for you!

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