Hair dysmorphia – are you a sufferer..

Do you constantly wish you had more hair?

Do friends family remark on how thick your hair is and you respond in shock that they MUST be blind because you are bald-headed.

Do you take photos like this and wonder where the hair came from because it obviously isn’t on your head?

hair and dress

Then you maybe suffering from hair- dysmorphia.

I’m not sure when it really happened. I just know that one day I was having a conversation with a loved one who commented on how thick my hair is and my only urge was to ask if he was blind. Bless his soul, he understands that I am a little hair obsessed. Right at that moment I realised that maybe I did have a slight case of hair-dysmorphia.

One major reason for my hair-dysmorphia is Instagram and Facebook. Everyday there are more and more photos of gorgeous lush natural hair and I want it all.

Its ok, though, I don’t plan on going for treatment anytime soon.  I still want hair that is going to block out the sun and throw shade on everyone and until that  happens I’ll depend on friends on family to give me a little perspective.

Do you suffer from hair-dysmorphia? Do your friends and family tell you your hair is long or thick and you stare in disbelief?

Am I the only one?

Until next post.


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3 comments on “Hair dysmorphia – are you a sufferer..
  1. Allison says:

    Yup… lol. I never thought of it this way. I am also a sufferer of this affliction. Every day I am bombarded with comments of how thick my locs are and I am wondering who’s head ppl are looking at??? Great perspective! I will still yearn for thick Damian Marley locs but be content with what I have 🙂

  2. […] It looks like a good set of hair right? However when it’s shrunken I can feel positively bald headed. I told you about that here. […]

  3. Andrea says:

    I have this too, but I definitely don’t have as much hair or volume as you do. I look back at my days when I brushed my hair out and it was a big bush. Now that I wear it curly, and treat it better, it has lost a lot of volume and I’m constantly concerned/comparing myself to others to see if I’ve lost hair.

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