Retaining Length/ Growing hair – Relaxed or Natural or Transitioning

I’m in this weird place right now where I don’t know if I want to continue growing out my hair or just keep at its current length or slightly shorter.

Here is a recent photo of my hair stretched with a no heat blow out.


focus on the hair..

It looks like a good set of hair right? However when it’s shrunken I can feel positively bald headed. I told you about that here.

In any case if I do make the decision to keep growing it out I know that to retain the maximum length there are some things I’m not doing now that I need to do.  It’s really simple stuff.

1. Stop playing in my hair frequently. Ideally keeping my hair in a style  for two or more weeks at a time would be ideal for my length retention goals. I have tendency to restyle midweek or at least once a week. Restyling equals manipulation of hair which then leads to losing more hair.

2. Keep my ends trimmed. When my ends get raggedy they tangle more and that increases breakage. when I am really on top of my hair care I dust (trim minutely)  my ends around every 8 weeks.

3. Stop wearing my hair loose so regularly. I’ll be wearing my hair like the one in the photo a lot less regularly. Having hair exposed can lead to tangles and again this leads to breakage and I’m trying to hold on to all my hair, right?

4. Routine cleansing and conditioning of the hair is a must. This is one part of my hair retention routine I think I have covered.  🙂 Moisturisers, oils, leave in conditioners and rinse out conditioner and hair masks are all essential to conditioning hair. Hair needs to be made strong and kept lubricated to avoid dryness and brittle follicles cause….breakage.

5. Avoid direct heat. I don’t flat iron my hair but I have been known to show a lot of love to my blow dryer but air drying hair is really best for length retention. Abuse of direct heat can cause breakage and brittle hair and fried ends.

I really do love to wear my hair out quite regularly and I love to play in it so doing this is a real challenge.

When I did do this last year though I really saw great results quickly.

Maybe I’ll start.. next week.

Are you growing out your hair, thinking about getting a cut or colour? What are your plans?

Until next post.



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