Sample culture a message to cosmetics retailers in Barbados

One of the most frustrating things about shopping for cosmetics in Barbados is the lack of availability of samples.

Samples 1

I’m not sure why more retailers don’t provide samples to customers. There are several mutual benefits that both customers and retailers can benefit from.

1.   Customers buying foundation and skin care are often more confident making a purchase of higher value when they have had a chance to get a real feel for the product over a number of days. I’ve heard women say so many times that they have had buyers regret over buying the wrong shade of foundation or a foundation that breaks them out. That can be solved by allowing the customer to get a sample and try at their leisure in the situations they would normally use it rather than a rushed in store jaw line test. There is a certain Cave of shopping on the Broadest Street in Bridgetown that never seems to provide samples unless there is a gift with purchase promotion.

samples 2

2. Samples build customer loyalty. If customers get samples to try it increases their confidence that their sales assistant isn’t simply trying to push a sale but really trying to find the right fit for the customer. Customers will come back because they have developed a level of trust.

3. The potential to increase sales of new products. When ever my sales person slips in a sample of a new product and says ‘Try this I think you would love it’. Invariably I end up going back to the store and the sales assistant for the same product because I did love it or to report back on my thoughts and moreover that often results in another purchase.

I’m sure retailers must have their reasons for not providing samples more often but I really believe the benefits out weigh the costs. Stores that allow proper in store trials and samples will continue to have my loyalty.

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2 comments on “Sample culture a message to cosmetics retailers in Barbados
  1. OMG FINALLY SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT THIS!!! You have no idea how much I have been annoyed by this. I am so done with this country and its service. I love my island, but its just terrible. I was recently so desperate to try products that I almost arranged to spend $150 for a makeover just to see how products I suspected would suit me would look on. Plus I know you get some of the products free after. But just getting a sample would save so much more money and time ugh

    Also not tryna be nosy, but why did yall move from blogspot to wordpress? I made a similar move some months ago.

    • Service can be a problem but there are quite a number of places that have fantastic service. I choose to frequent those store more often.

      Blogspot was a little limiting and we though wordpress would give us more utility.

      Thanks for reading.

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