Problem Solving for caribbean Girls Vol.1 Issue #2

Caribbean Girl Body issue no.2:  Thick thighs… and how to show them off.

In other cultures thick thighs are a problem but as all Caribbean goddesses are aware, in our world thick thighs are the reason Adam and Eve got an eviction notice, there was no apple, just Eve’s thighs.

Cons: Many pants aren’t cut to fit our thighs

Pros: We have thighs, who needs pants?

08-coachella-street-style-2013-palm-tree-shirt-h724Shorts that fit are a necessity, try, try until you get it right, not too short or you’ll give yourself a wedgie but not too long either or you’ll look like a hip granny. The perfect length will cover your butt properly and not be tight in the crotch, you may have to invest in some expert tailoring —I don’t mean a tacky dart, I mean removal of the waistband and taken in—to get the waist and the hips to fit the way they should. Low riding, tight pants are best avoided by those of us with BOSS (Backsides Of Significant Size) Also note that if you are wearing shorts do camouflage any problem areas on top with a loose fitting top, doing so will bring balance to your outfit and keep the focus on your super sexy legs. If, like me, you’d like to hide a few “issues” at the back of your thighs an asymmetrical top will give you the best of both worlds, sexy shorts visible at the front and all issues hidden by the length of the shirt at the back. See photo.

Where to wear them: Everyday, all day, wherever, whenever, ok maybe not to the office.

Drop us a note on Facebook if there is a body issue you like me to address.

Until next week!


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2 comments on “Problem Solving for caribbean Girls Vol.1 Issue #2
  1. […] Pros: The rest of you is sexy as all get out, see #2 Thighs. […]

  2. […] My pals at Bajan Beauty Blogger recently touched on how one could dress to accentuate this problem area. You can check out their article here. […]

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