Caribbean Girl Problem Solving volume 1, issue #3

Caribbean Girl Body issue no.3: “Does this bodycon dress make my belly look big?”

Cons: Well you’ve got a bit of a tummy

Pros: The rest of you is sexy as all get out, see #2 Thighs.

Dear Goddess, just because bodycon dresses have been hailed as the sexiest outfit EVER by teenaged boys doesn’t mean that a) every third outfit should be a bodycon dress or b) that your body will look good in one.womenswear-summer-2013-trends-neon

Try shift dresses or A-line dresses, anything short to show off your assets but flowy enough in the tummy area to conceal the bulge. I know your man said it was sexy but trust me, save it for his personal peep show at home.

Until net week!


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2 comments on “Caribbean Girl Problem Solving volume 1, issue #3
  1. gg says:

    Man that is not fair, if the lady is comfortable with the dress and her “bulge” why discourage her. I often time hear women dissuade others from wearing a style because it may not suit them, but when you ask guys, we are quite taken by it. We guys are not as fickle as we are often times painted. I’m all for being sexy for yourself and such but is your target audience just yourself and your gfs?

    • nubienne says:

      Dear gg,

      We offer advice for people who have questions about what to wear. If someone is convinced that their personal style is awesome nothing we say here is going to sway them —and we wouldn’t want to sway them, after all confidence is key— but for the other folk who have questions and who want our advice we give it, unvarnished and honest.

      Sexy and tight are not synonyms, I feel sexy most days and most of my clothes are not tight. Style is about feeling comfortable in your skin and in your choices, not about wearing something because everyone else is. Just because something is the fashion of the day does not mean that it will show off your body to its best advantage. Most women want to show off their best features and for many of our audience members (myself included) that does not include post-baby, wobbly tummies. There is nothing here that encourages women not to love their bodies, but there is a lot here about how to make the most of what you’ve got.

      We appreciate that women are not one-size and we write about that, we also appreciate that Caribbean women often struggle to find beauty and fashion advice that is relevant and so we also write about that. This is what we write about and we haven’t yet received notes from women telling us that they feel discouraged by our posts.

      Also, neither Kim nor myself have never painted all men as fickle, never ever, that is not how we feel, that is not in our writing.

      Sincerely Risée

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