Jazzing temporary hair colour By Clairol

My hair is now red/brown but before I get to that I think we need a little back story.

Three months ago I bleached my jet black, kinky natural hair platinum blonde, it was fun, it was interesting and it was insanely damaged. I spent a lot of time getting the right mix of bleaches and toners to get the residual orange tones out of my hair and I was extremely pleased with my success. Recently, however, I have been looking for a new colour to wear and I have been seriously considering a red, redheads definitely have more fun! I thought Clairol’s Jazzing line would be a perfect commitment free way to test how a red would look and so I dived in.clairol-jazzing-haircolor

I got my hands on Cherry Cola and Ruby Red, a burgundy red and a flame red respectively, my theory was that if I mixed them I would get the perfect red for my skin tone. I dutifully squeezed the colour into my mixing bowl and began. I applied to my hair, wrapped in plastic as recommended, set with heat and rinsed in the shower. Well I’ll say this, my hair was nicely conditioned, it had been dry before but now it felt soft and curly but the colour ai, the colour, to say the colour was not what I expected would be to understate the situation. The results were uneven and…orange. My hair was not the deep red promised on either bottle, it was much more orange than I was comfortable with and it was uneven, The top section had rinsed much faster than the sides so I looked a bit like Bozo the Clown in the top and a lot like Archie on the sides. Yikes!

I have been told that it works better on darker hair so I am going to give it a pass as I know that asking for full coverage of bleached platinum blonde hair was asking a lot of a temporary colour.

What I do like about Jazzing is the mix-ability and the variety of colours, I also do love that it will wash completely out of your hair in three or four shampoos —feel free to execute them all at once if you hate the colour— and so I would definitely recommend this for a fun change at Kadooment. If, however, you are looking to seriously commit to a colour change this product is probably not for you. Also note that the colour runs and getting caught in the rain is a questionable prospect if you have this in your hair.

Final note:

I left the house later that day and purchased Clairol’s Textures and Tones and coloured my hair dark red/brown. It was necessary.
Edit:  We received this product free to try.

All reviews are the opinion of the writer. While we may receive free products to try that in no way influences our reviews. We will always remain open and honest with our readers. Where applicable we will note free product so you guys will always know exactly what we are doing and where we are coming from.

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