RGB Nail Color Remove Pads – Put to the test!

If you have read one of my blog posts here then you know that I fully believe that acetone remover is the most efficient nail polish remover. The issue with acetone is it also dries your nail beds out something terrible. It also removes furniture varnish and paint viciously, (ask me how I know in the comments). I received the RGB Nail color Remover pads as a sample from PureSourceBarbados sometime ago and was quite satisfied to set them  aside as I was happy to continue with my current nail polish removing routine. RGB That is, until two weeks in a row I decided that I needed to make quick nail polish changes while not at home. Walking around with my large bottle of Acetone was simply not an option. So I grabbed the Nail Color Remover Pads and hoped for the best. The Nail Color Remover Pads are non acetone based  and in my experience, non acetone removers are simply not as efficient as Acetone. RGB Nail Color Remover Pad Instructions One week I used the Color Remover Pads to remove the RGB Cerulean Nail Colour, a lovely irridescent blue that I find difficult to capture in photos. rgb cerulean I used one pad to remove nail colour from all ten fingers with no issues whatsoever. I was pleased but unsurprised. I mean I really, shouldn’t the expectation be that RGB’s nail color remover should remove RGB’s Nail lacquer? It definitely should! The real test? The following week’s manicure was Butter London’s Disco Biscuit a bright pink with gorgeous micro-glitter. Disco Biscuit Risée and I agree that removing glitter polishes can be a regular pain the rear. Just check out her last experience with Glitter polish here. Again I wanted to remove my polish between running errands so it was impractical to lug my full bottle of acetone around. I had serious reservations but I walked with my RGB Nail Colour Remover Pad. Even as I used it to remove the nail lacquer I had serious reservations. I honestly thought that the nail pad would fall apart before I finished all ten fingers, but alas, it worked with a good deal of effort on my part. If you have ever tried to remove glitter polish you know that unless you literally soak your nail in acetone, it can be a real pain to remove even with the use of multiple cotton rounds. So I was impressed that the RGB stud up to the Butter  London Polish. the end I think it’s worth mentioning that RGB does not manufacture a glitter polish so I’m pretty sure the company didn’t envision the rigours I put the Nail color remover pad through. In the end Nail color Remover Pads removed my nail colour and left my nail moisturised feeling almost as if I had applied a cuticle oil. Nails after2 I would definitely recommend these nail colour remover pads for travel when moving with entire bottles of nail polish remover is just not an option. I love that they don’t dry my nail out, unlike my acetone based removers. Have you ever tried products from RGB cosmetics? Do you know what Acetone can do your furniture? Let me know in the comments. We received this product free to try. All reviews are the opinion of the writer. While we may receive free products to try that in no way influences our reviews. We will always remain open and honest with our readers. Where applicable we will note free product so you guys will always know exactly what we are doing and where we are coming from.


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6 comments on “RGB Nail Color Remove Pads – Put to the test!
  1. Oz says:

    I like this post, complete with photos! It would be great if you could also test this using your toes. I find this can be different from the fingers. Somehow it is easier to remove from your fingers, must be the larger surface area. I have some OPI remover pads that I bought recently and when I get a chance to use those, I will re-post to let you know if they are as good as the RGB ones seemingly are!

  2. Lasonta says:

    thanks for the info. The RGB product line is only available from PureSourceBarbados? Non acetone remover is good as well. I agree with Oz….toe nail polish is stubborn for some reason, takes me like two-three rounds to remove all and some still remains in corners at times

    • As far as I know it’s only available from Pure Source Barbados. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed major problems issues with removing polish from my toes, but I’ll definitely have to try and see what happens.

  3. Oz says:

    Hey Kim, I promised to re-post when I tried the OPI remover pads and I have… They were awful!!! They were absolutely dry! Dry as an arid dessert!!! I will never buy them again. I feel absolutely cheated. I feel as if I bought expensive cotton wool cause to get them to work, I had to apply acetone remover to them :-(. Sigh, I don’t recommend them at all. Next time, I’ll try the RGB ones.

  4. […] RGB also does a pretty decent line of Nail Lacquer remover wipes which I reviewed here. Check it […]

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