Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, old and new.

So, as you may have guessed from yesterdays post, I’m a bit of an OCC Lip Tar addict, I love the stuff! It is great for mixing up colours and it has the staying power of a black Sharpie marker on your favourite white shirt; it does not move. Well actually the new formula doesn’t move, the old…well that requires a little bit of work.


Occ Lip Tar in “Black Dahlia”


Occ Lip Tar in “Analog”


Occ Lip Tar in “Beta”


Occ Lip Tar in “RX”


Occ Lip Tar in “Strumpet”


Occ Lip Tar in “Traffic”


Occ Lip Tar in “Pretty Beige”

I have four colours from the new line, full tubes of Strumpet (plum) and Black Dahlia (dark blood red) and two sample pots of RX (blue) and NSFW (A chilli pepper red) as well as the five I collected today.  Beta (orange), Traffic (road paint yellow) Pretty Beige (burlap brown), Analog (medium chocolate) and a full tube of  RX in the older presentation.


Personally when I look at them the new Lip Tars are thicker and more richly pigmented and sit solidly on the lip with no streaking or running. The Lip Tars that I have in the old tubes seem thinner, slightly less pigmented and they can get a little streaky if not applied with the utmost care.

BUT they all mix just fine with each other and now with all these colours at my disposal I can’t think of another lipstick I’ll need to buy!

OCC Lip Tars have a strong mint base and you will feel the power of mint as you apply them, also a little goes a long way. One drop is more than enough and I constantly find myself wasting product because it is so rich. Always apply with a lip brush, there is no other way and always clean your lip brush between colours or you will get your colours muddied.

RNC_5825Yesterday you saw one of my favourite mixes, Black Dahlia, Strumpet and a tiny bit of RX but today I wanted to have a look at the new colours.

I always mix my lip colours, darker on the outside, lighter toward the centre of the lips., this gives the lips definition and adds interest.  I have heard this look called ombré but as a dark-skinned black woman I just call this look “natural lip contours”


Beta, NSFW and Traffic


NSFW, Traffic and Black Dahlia

To start, Beta on the outside, lined with a tiny bit of  NSFW mixed with RX, Traffic in the centre. Note how the Beta is sheer and it runs into the creases of the lips unlike the Black Dahlia and NSFW. Use a primer and a lipliner!


Analog and Pretty Beige

Next, NSFW in the middle, Black Dahlia on the outside and Traffic in the centre. This is my favourite red, it is rich and dark but the light centre makes it sexy, for a night out a drop of gloss would be perfect! This lasted 10 solid hours on my lips today!

Then the nudes, Analog and Pretty Beige. I mixed a little Black Dahlia and RX with the Analog to create a darker brown and lined the lips with that, filled with Analog and dotted some Pretty Beige into the centre for a highlight.RNC_5848
I had fun creating this Pretty Beige and Strumpet mix. It resulted in a fun brownish pink suitable for darker skins especially when used with Traffic in the centre for a highlight.

I had fun, hope you guys do to and s/o to Lisa B who pointed me in the right direction today so I could pick up these lip tars. I don’t mind that they are the older versions with a few discontinued colours (Analog and Pretty Beige) I still love them!

Do also note that you can mix any OCC colour with a tiny bit of gloss to turn your lip tar into a lip gloss.

Currently Essential Trends has a limited range of the OCC Lip Tars and you can message them on Facebook for details

UPDATE: OCC Lip Tars appear to be the same formulation as before but it appears that Beta and Traffic are simply lighter and slightly streakier than the darker colours.  Use a primer!

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6 comments on “Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, old and new.
  1. eve says:

    I love these looks,, Risee..my favs are two and four. Thanks for the tutorials.

    • nubienne says:

      Thanks Eve, two is definitely also a favourite of mine. I am going to prime my lips again and retry that Beta/Traffic mix though because the streakiness is bothering me.

  2. Lisa B says:

    ok, where can I find a lip primer????

  3. Lisa B says:

    soooo waitttt if I mix strumpet with Analog, how would that work out???

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