What we did on our Shopping Trip- Frances

Have you ever written a composition for Primary School ‘What we did on our summer vacation?’

You know, where you recount all the truly awesome things that you did while away from school.

Well here I’ll tell you all the truly awesome things we shopped for with Frances, our client!

Frances indicated that she wanted a fresh faced look that wouldn’t make her look too overdone and she needed just a little guidance on how to do it.

Frances didn’t think she had nice skin, and we were happy to tell her how very wrong she is. Her skin texture was smooth and for the most part even-toned. She also mentioned her frustration with her sometimes oily skin.

So, with a few laughs and a few bubbles—a girl should always have bubbles even if only in her flavoured water— we made an experimental list and headed out to the shops.

Our two major stops were Pure Source Barbados and MAC Barbados.

Our recommendations for Frances :

Cleanser: Ren Mayblossom T-zone  Control Cleansing Gel3094

Gel Cleansers are superb for oily skin types and this Ren product promises to address one of Frances’ key concerns.

Daily Moisturiser : Ren Hydra Calm Global Protection Day Cream

A not too heavy daily moisturiser that Risée can testify works miracles on irritated skin

Primer MAC Face Protect SPF 50

I’m a very big fan of well formulated primers for oily skin, and I have ‘preached about them for some time now.

We discovered that Frances already had on of our top rated primers in her home and that she never used it!images

We encouraged Frances to try out the products at home before making any more purchases!

(Note: We can’t find this product on the MAC Cosmetics website any longer. So it may be being discontinued. I’m a little sad about this)

Foundation: Black UP Fluid Foundation

This foundation has been an absolute favourite of Risée and myself for years now! We’ve tried many a foundation between us but none has come close to this one.

So of course we shared our experience with Frances and matched her to her foundation colour.

We emphasised that foundation matches should be verified in sunlight, as store lighting can have impact on the look of foundation.

Powder: Black Up Two Way Caketwo way cake poudre compacte black_Up-Foundation-Fluid

If you’re an oily skinned girl, you will want to set your foundation with a powder always. It helps to mattify the skin and keep the foundation in place.

Black Up Two way cake is an excellent option. It can be worn dry to set your foundation lightly or wet for heavier coverage.

Eyebrows Mac Pencil in Stud

As darker skinned women we need brow pencils that are dark enough to show on the skin with out any red tones. MAC’s stud Pencil is perfect! Not only is it the right colour option but the size is perfect for making strokes that mimic actual hair.

Eyeliner Black UP Water proof Smoky Kohl Pencil in Black

A soft long lasting pencil that will last all day and will not let you down.black_Up-Eyeliner-Waterproof_Smokey_Kohl_Pencil


Frances asked about the best lip  colours, and really while both Risée and I love lip colour, neither of us is committed to any one brand.

We did let Frances know that we love the lipcolour selection at MAC and Revlon.

Also since she doesn’t want too ‘pouty’ a lip, she should consider more matte colours.

All of these were product recommendations but Frances, Risée and I recognise how very important the application techniques are in  achieving her look.

But that is a post for another time.

It was great meeting Frances and even more fabulous to go shopping with her.

Until next time.


Note from Risée:  Frances was fantastic, she was open and receptive and we look forward to our followup visit. I cannot wait to see the results of her new skincare regime and to share them with you.



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