Nice in the road and cute in the gym with Fitness by Leslie Maria

I’m not a fitness buff, I am not that fit chick you see in all of those gym memes on instagram or facebook. What I am is a young(ish) woman who realises the need for exercise in her life.

Since I don’t receive any intrinsic joy from the mental and physical pain from working out, I always need ways to motivate me to get to the gym or to exercise. One of those ways is to dress in gym outfits that make me feel attractive. I’m sure that sounds pretty typical since I am a beauty blogger. I’ve even been known to wear my makeup to the gym.

Finding appropriate workout gear is a bit of a process for me and I contacted fitness professional  Leslie  on what she thinks is best to wear to the gym.

Leslie is a big fan of wearing Converse sneakers to exercise, she claims that they are the next best thing to lifting barefoot. How cute are her new colourful converse!

photo8 photo4

She also loves to lift in shorts and vests, because they make her feel attractive and give her the best range of motion. And her friend a fitness model competitor agrees!

photo7 photo5

As your semi average gym goer and exerciser I totally agree with Leslie that vests are best. I love them because they are cooler and don’t bother my arms as I lift. And if I’m having a particularly good day you can see my back muscles like this!


I do prefer to wear tights that hit me just below the knee or at the knee though, as I find that they make my legs look that much more awesome. My legs and butt are the areas I am a little more self concious about and I find these type of tights keep everything lifted and great looking.

2013-09-04 11.07.54

There are some odd days that I wear shorts though, and on those day I hope I look like Leslie when she squats big weight!

.IMG-20130902-WA0001 photo6

Please note the colour coordination of my sneakers and the shorts. I try for the most part to colour coordinate my gym wear. It’s a struggle but I’m always happy when I do it. In general I keep my sneakers bright in colour like this fuschia pair or the blue pair above,

fuschia trainers

because some days as I look in the mirror as I struggle through these sumo squats, it is the only thing that gets me through the work out.


Check out Leslie’s blog here.

Do you work out?

How important is your outfit to your work out?


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