Nail polish dilemma!

So your favourite nail polish is no longer giving you the love you once shared. applying-thick-nail-polish-coatInstead a smooth coat of that sexy plum shade you adored now you are getting clumpy streaks of goo that make your nails look like the leftovers from a toddler’s play date. What to do, what to do?

My mother used to suggest nail polish remover but that method has always ended in tragedy as I have to toss the bottle when the remover dries leaving me with an even clumpier mess than before and as an added bonus the polish applied to my nails is never even and is always without a shine.

3610401_origMy method: Add a healthy dose of your favourite brand of clear nail polish, higher quality is better than lower quality for this and Voilà! instant restoration of the love affair with your polish.

Note: If you can get it nail polish thinner is probably best but I don’t often see that on the shelves of the local beauty supply stores in Barbados.





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