Natural face cleansers

I’ve run out of Ren #1 Purity Balm cleanser.Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.29.36 PM This is crisis on the level of running out of Haagen Das Lemon sorbet at 2am.

I’d sprtized my fully done face with my Ben Nye fix this morning and God knows that stuff requires proper cleansing to remove. So, with no oil based cleanser in the house my eyes wandered over to my homemade Shea butter/ grape seed/coconut oil body/hair oil… hmmm.

I decided that there was no way it could hurt so I scooped some of the mixture out of the jar and applied it liberally to my painted face. The makeup instantly started to dissolve and by the time I wiped it off with a washcloth there was nothing left.

Then I used a foaming cleanser to remove any residue and added a tiny bit of face oil to moisturise for the night. (this is the foaming cleanser that I hate using because it never completely removes my makeup)

Yay! my face feels great and my pocket does too!

Shea butter $10.00
Grape Seed Oil $13.00
coconut oil $4.00

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.19.18 AM Olitalia_Grapseed_Oil__08143_zoom 613513025_o

Two tablespoons of pure African Shea Butter (melted)
Two tablespoons Grape seed Oil
one tablespoon Coconut Oil.

Heat Shea Butter in microwave until liquid (use ceramic container) mix in other ingredients and store in refrigerator until solid.



Note: I am not a fan of petroleum based products like Vaseline or Baby Oil as cleansers because they can be difficult to thoroughly remove resulting in possible acne breakouts. I already have oily, acne prone skin which needs no assistance in either oil or acne production.

Let me know how it goes!


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4 comments on “Natural face cleansers
  1. Coconut oil and Sunflower oil are hell on my skin but my Mineral oil + Castor Oil cleanser is awesome for removing my Revlon Colourstay Whipped. That thing will not come off without some serious help.

    • nubienne says:

      Our skin is so unique! I am glad you’ve found something that works for you! I am in love with oil-based cleansers they are the absolute best!

  2. caribbeanmomma says:

    Hi there! I stumbled across this blog a few days ago while searching for any local sources for the Orly bonder rubberised base coat and I’m so glad I found you gals! I’m not as fashion conscious as you both are but I am tiptoeing in to the makeup and nails side of life. I’m also a natural after cutting off my relaxed hair almost a year and a half ago (and I have to say I don’t know what took me so long to do it! Well, fear and the naysayers…) and I’ve been loving my natural 4b hair ever since (my hair loves twist outs!). I cannot imagine putting the creamy crack back in my hair! My adventures in to the makeup world have taken me to the make up subscription ipsy (my referral link and also sample society. Of course they don’t ship internationally so I have to resort to my skybox to get my goodies once a month. My new bag will have in Zoya nail polish as well so excited to get that! Have you found a source for Zoya locally? Anyways, I just thought I’d say hi and actually include a relevant reply in this comment LOL! I use organic coconut oil sometimes to clean the make up off my face followed by a rinse with the philosophy 3 in 1 wash. That oil does a great job! Keep up the great work ladies. So glad I found this site!

    • Hi We’re glad you love the blog. 🙂 We love comments.

      Kim found Zoya at Bio Beauty Day Spa in Coconut Walk Hastings. Check it out.

      If you are on Facebook we update there when we find new products on island.

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