A life less cluttered – Makeup and SkinCare edition

My name is Kim, I’m a blogger and I want to live a life less cluttered.

Have you ever noticed how much clutter can accumulate in your life? One of the things about beauty blogging and the online community is how much ‘stuff ‘ we are encouraged to acquire because it’s the next big thing.

About a year ago  I decided enough was enough. I decided to stop celebrating purchases and hauls and started celebrating actual use of my stash.

One of the first turning points in halting the amount I purchased was when I decided to stop chasing limited edition makeup collections, but we’ll talk more about that in the next post.

THe next step? I started making posts on my empties. Instead of glorifying purchases and hauls I  made a decision to make it a point to use up and enjoy my makeup and skincare stash.

Eventually it evolved from not just celebrating empties but also going on 3  month ‘no- buys’. For three months I wasn’t allowed to buy new beauty items until I had used up a certain number of products, or I had legitimately run out of a product.

After that it became easier to control the clutter.

However, sometimes your collection can get so big that you forget about what you do have and end up buying things you don’t need.

The turning point came around the middle of 2013. I decided I needed a better way of organising my makeup and skincare so it was readily accessible and so I would avoid un-neccessary duplication and increased clutter.

I bought this baby.


and I love it!
In the drawers from top to bottom, I have Lip products, Eye Products, Face / Base makeup (including primers and blush), Skin Care, Large Palettes, Makeup tools (excluding makeup brushes)

Now all of the makeup and skincare that I have in use is at easy reach and I can readily determine what I need or don’t need. This has really helped me gain a better perspective on what I have in my collection

When I started my empties posts last year I knew that I wanted to live a life less cluttered but I wasn’t sure how I would get there. I  started with my makeup and skincare and I have started expanding to other areas of my life.

So now that I’ve got  a head start on makeup and Skincare, next up: clothing, nail polish and who knows what else.

I hope you hang around for the other posts in this series.

Are you trying to live a life less cluttered? Do you want to?

How do you organise your makeup?

Feel free to take a photo of your makeup organisation set up and tag me on Instagram @KimProbabli

Where did you start?

Until next time.



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4 comments on “A life less cluttered – Makeup and SkinCare edition
  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    I organize my makeup In a similar plastic Tupper ware like bureau. I did see one in idea that is a bit more sturdy. Anyway, I agree I like looking at others hauls for limited edition but do I really need it no. I find that my project 10 pan really quell that monster. I also do empties and like how sometimes I have to really push to get through product

  2. SymoneF says:

    I just cleaned out my makeup drawers. I also started sending stuff that I never used or used once or twice to my younger cousin or giving it to friends who I know would use it. I’m about to stop my monthly subscription boxes as they’re the culprit of all the excess stuff I don’t use and have hanging out and not paying rent. De-cluttering is nice and hard at the same time. When it comes to clothes, it’s hard to part with some but you really aren’t going to be the same size you were at 20 so that helps me to dump quicker. Hope you have fun de-cluttering!

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  4. […] I know that sounds like I might be a it of a makeup hoarder, but tell me something I don’t know. I tell you all about my rehab here. […]

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