Rihanna is a badass feminist

This is a post about Rihanna, so there may be both swear words and nudity.

NUDITY and potential potty mouth, if you cannot deal with either, please don’t read.

If nipples offend you DON’T READ.

Don’t go reading this after I’ve warned you and then come back and tell me how I swear too much and OMG there were nipples… you were warned. Proceed.

I am tired but clearly the rest of the world isn’t yet tired of slut-shaming Rihanna and any woman (especially black woman) who dares to own her sexuality.


So, Rihanna wore this dress and the internet exploded. rihanna-arrives-council-fashion-designers-america-cfda-awards-lincoln-center-new-york-june

On one side there were the “She’s such a classless slut” crew and on the other side the “Her boobs are out but she looks fabulous!” crew and on the sidelines those of us who have been paying attention were saying “Oh, you can see Rihanna’s boobs and she looks fiercer than a drag queen on the runway? Oh, it must be Tuesday”

Local bloggers, international bloggers, feminists and misogynists everywhere figuratively lost their shit over Rihanna’s dress, except the guys at TBS who gave me life on Wednesday with this but I digress.10174988_10154180473535405_970378241508359449_n

Fashionbomdaily —a website I normally love— took yet another opportunity to call Rihanna classless “I’m all for self expression, but I also put a premium on class.” wrote their blogger-in-chief. This, after the pearl-clutching that happened over Rih’s LUI photoshoot rihanna-for-lui-magazinesaying  her photos “shouldn’t live on a website about fashion, but on something that starts with an xxx vs. a www”  because clearly Rihanna is a slutty pornstar, thanks FBDaily, thanks. (I do not think pornstars are slutty but I do think equating women who love their bodies and who own their sexuality with pornstars is high-level slut-shaming)

Locally, blogger at BajanReporter Ian D Bourne, said that loving her and her dress means that Barbadians have “embraced sluttiness” Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 2.52.06 AM and back in 2013 Hollywood actress Rashida Jones had this to say on Twitter

“This week’s celeb news takeaway: she who comes closest to showing the actual inside of her vagina is most popular.  “

Whores? really Rashida?  These three examples are just a small sample of the slut-shaming drama that has come from all corners when it comes to Rihanna. It has come from professed feminists (not all of them but some) it has come from misogynists and it has come from regular people who “just want to protect the young ladies out there.”

It is really odd.

For a long time, even before the burning of the first bra, women have been saying “We can wear what we want but that doesn’t make us sluts” and feminists have been calling for the right to do as we please with our own bodies. Rihanna embodies this philosophy and  suddenly… “She’s such a classless slut! Put on some clothes, I’m tired of seeing your boobs!” Er really? make up your damn mind! Rihanna is doing EXACTLY what feminists say women should be allowed to do and yet… she’s classless and slutty. It is almost as if we speak the words with our mouths while holding the misogyny close to our hearts because it has become familiar and safe.

Michael Arceneaux of Ebony did write this brilliant piece

“everyone else so fixated on this notion that there’s a problem with the way Rihanna carries herself and brought this attention on herself: grow up. She could have Mother Teresa’s sex life and would bring about the “starlet or streetwalker” debate”

With few exceptions—thank you Jezebel— feminists have left Rihanna to twist in the wind in the face of all this “classy vrs classless slut/whore debate. Does Rihanna care? hardly likely, this is both her bra drawer and the drawer where she keeps her f*cks to give.10447297_10152508500829458_184034110_n

and meanwhile in Rihanna land ——> 

I’m with Rihanna, I also have nipples and I will do what I please with them.

I’m also out of f*cks to give.

On a beauty note, MUA Mandy Cummins has promised us a fun, fab tutorial on Rih’s fantabulous face soon so keep a look out!



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3 comments on “Rihanna is a badass feminist
  1. Rissa says:

    Body fascism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; it’s too entangled in our traditions of misogyny and patriarchy. The viewpoint that the breast is a sexual organ is a choice and should be seen as a fetish such as a foot fetish.We have problems seeing women breastfeed in public, with body hair on women and with bigger women showing skin. Let personal standards remain personal and not universal. Every time a woman wears an outfit she (apparently) does so with the intention of measuring how fast she can make pants rise. NOT! This article needs more shares!

  2. Shaz says:

    Love this write up. I am so tired of people being upset because she showed nipples… I mean they are nipples, how does that relate to her sex life??? And why should it relate to her sex life. I find that Americans were more upset about this because they have an unhealthy relationship with the female body. Every day in the UK (apart from Sunday) on page 3 of the Sun newspaper you see breasts, it is standard. I think she looked amazing and she summed it up perfectly “Do my breasts bother you? They are are covered in Swarovski crystals”

    I agree with Rissa, how can we expect more respect for our bodies when we cannot accept a woman breastfeeding in public, considering most of us have either breastfed or been breastfed how we could have a problem with it is beyond me. What is worse is often these complaints come from other mothers :S

    So over slut shaming… as Rihanna says “I give 0 fucks”

    • nubienne says:

      I too am quite tired of the hypocrisy.

      I have a drawer where I keep my “fucks to give”; it is empty.

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