The Truth about me and daily moisturiser

So here is the truth.

My sunscreen is my daily moisturiser.

Yes I said it.

I have very oily skin and often my sunscreen is enough to give me the moisture that I need during the day.

Plus, with my oily skin, too much moisture would sabotage my makeup application! Let’s focus on the important things people.

I’m committed to using my sunscreen especially because I live on a tropical island where the sun varies from hot to hotter and I am in the never ending fight against post acne hyperpigmentation.

Right now I’m using and loving this little baby. wpid-wp-1413479457905.jpeg


The L’oreal Silky sheer Face Lotion in SPF 50. It’s light weight, non oily and all those good things for my skin as I venture out into the sun and put on my makeup.  Ren Night Cream


However, I know the consequences of dehydrated skin. So at night I bring out the big guns to replenish my skin. My current ‘fave’ is the Ren Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream, full of soothing chamomile, Glycerin, Shea butter and other good stuff for the renewal of my skin.

I have used and continue to use other sunscreens and night creams. These are just my current favourites but I wanted to let you in on my dirty little secret. I don’t wear a dedicated daily moisturiser. So when you ask me about my daily moisturiser, expect me to name a sunscreen first.

I do very occasionally use daily moisturisers with out sunscreens. Mostly when I plan to be indoors for the majority of the day or when i’m going out at night where wearing my sunscreen would be too much.

Since I have oily skin, I am always looking for lightweight formulas.

Here are a few I have tried and liked.


Pond’s Clarant B3 – Full Review here for normal to Oily skins especially great if you suffer from hyperpigmentation like I do and super inexpensive!



MAC Oil Control Lotion – A light weight gel, that isn’t quite as Matte as MAC claims but excellent all the same. index

L’oreal Fresh Effects Dew Over – Lightweight gel which is formulated with powders which aid in mattifying while hydrating the skin  Dew over


So here you have it my dirty little secret as it relates to moisturisers and a number of recommendations as well.


Hope this helps.


Let me know if you need a full in depth review of any of the products above. 🙂

This is a bonus post that I did because I got a couple requests which means that you can look forward to another post this Friday.

See you later today. 🙂













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4 comments on “The Truth about me and daily moisturiser
  1. I have tried two of the three products you mentioned last…luv both the MAC and Ponds. Where did you purchase the L’oreal sunscreen?

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  3. […] I talk about sunscreens in these blog posts here and here. […]

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