Let’s play in the mud – A review of Morroccan Natural Rhassoul clay

I am in many ways a ‘girly girl’, just in case the beauty blog didn’t tip you off. What can I say playing in mud just never appealed to me.

So I really have no shame in saying that had I not received a sample of Morroccan Natural Rhassoul Clay, I would never have put it in my hair. In fact I had only planned to use it on my face.

I know, I know… cleaning your hair with clay is all the rage among women with natural afro textured hair across  the interwebs. I just didn’t think it would ever be me…  Until it was…

It was definitely an interesting experience. When mixing the clay, start with a ‘less is more’ thought process. I poured about a quarter of the pack into a plastic bowl and added water a teaspoon at a time. It turned out to be way too much clay for my face.

So I spread it on my hair as well and determined that if it didn’t work out well, I would simply go ahead and shampoo my hair in the morning if it didn’t work out well.  Natural-Rhassoul-Clay

Once you add water to the clay it expands to a slick almost gummy texture.. well just like a muddy clay. I know that seems like that should be obvious, but because I underestimated how the paste would expand I ended up wth way too much product on my hands.

On my face :

The clay spread easily across my face and I let it sit and dry on to my face as I went a head and got a little bit of Sunday Relaxation, definitely far longer than the 20 minutes mentioned on the website. As the mask dries it tightens on the skin causing what the website calls a tingle. Because of the tightness / tingle I would say those with sensitive skin should probably use the clay as a cleanser rather than a mask or alternatively don’t leave the clay on for as long as the 20 minutes and instead do the 5 mimute mask recommended on their site.

When I washed the mask off I noticed that it had pulled all the secretions in my nose and chin to the surface so they were easily wiped away with my muslin cloth. The whole clay experience just felt altogether luxurious and relaxing and yes there was a certain novelty factor that I enjoyed.

My face felt fresh, clean and supple at the end of it all.

On my hair:

I smoothed the remainder of the clay on my hair. Now, I have to admit I was aprehensive about this because at the time that I tried this I had a couple days worth of hair butters, leave ins and gel in my hair. I just didnt think this clay was going to do it for the many layers of goop I like to put in my hair.

Now admittedly I did not follow the rules on how to use the clay. I put it in my hair. put on a plastic cap (to avoid dirtying my pillows) and I went right off to sleep. I got up the next morning and prepared to deal with my hair. I started with rinsing the clay out and my hair was clean.

It was clean and supple and following the instructions on the site I didn’t add any rinse out conditioners, just a little Morroccan Natural Hair Treatment.

This is what my hair looked like that morning. I loved it.


My hair is chemically treated though (bleached) so it does need a little extra moisture, so the next day I did re wet and add a little of my leave in moisturiser. (The instructions do tell you to do a patch test with chemically treated hair. but I decided to go ahead and go brave!)


All in all I have to admit I like playing in mud a lot more than I thought I would, I’m probably going to do it for a long time coming.


Morroccan Natural products are available from Pure Source in Barbados.


Have you tried Rhassoul Clay? would you?

What is your opinion on Clay masks?


See you next Friday


Comment below if you know why the name Rhassoul makes me giggle every time I say it. 🙂


We received this product free to try.

All reviews are the opinion of the writer. While we may receive free products to try, that in no way influences our reviews. We will always remain open and honest with our readers. Where  applicable we will note free product so you guys will always know exactly what we are doing and where we are coming from.




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