Milani Liquid Like Eyeliner in Graphite a review

This liner is one of the best MLQN-06 Liquid Eye Sharpenable Graphite V3drugstore liners available on the market and one of the most economical. I have never seen it for more than 15 BBD.

The liners are soft and apply easily to the lid, so there is no dragging or tugging on the eyelid and best of all there is no smudging on my primer less oily lids

The softness makes it ideal for me to smudge into my lashline and into my waterline giving me that full dark liner look that I love. You do have to work fast though because this liner sets quickly.

Once the liner has set it does not move, and it doesn’t make a mess of your eyes, even when you moisten your eyes with Visine (which I do ) repeatedly during the day. It does fade. but it doesn’t turn you into a racoon with eyeliner smeared over your under eye area.

Graphite is a not quite black colour, a charcoal with a refined non-chunky sparkle. The microfine sparkly translates on the lids as an inky almost shiny off grey look.  However if you have sensitive eyes, be warned, sometimes sparkle can cause irritation. I didn’t experience any irritation though.

Because it’s charcoal and not black I find it a much easier choice to wear during the day than true black liner. I smudge it around my waterline, add my favourite mascara, and I have an easy eye look.

Milani calls these liquid like, but to be perfectly honest, these pencils don’t perform with the precision of a liquid liner. Because they are so soft they do not keep the point very well once sharpened and therefore don’t give you that sharp, super crisp look of liquid liner.

Because these glide along your skin so easily I love to use this pencil as a base for eyeshadow looks to intensify the look and the wear of my smokey eyes.

My one real negative to this eyeliner – the packaging the little clear plastic cover on these is not very secure. My liner has dried up just a little, not enough to affect application to my lid and I’m sure it’s because the cover is always loose, or off, no matter how tightly I put the cover on when I store it.

It’s worth noting that Milani makes this same formula in a mechanical liner with a MUCH more secure cap, but alas they don’t make it in this shade.

I love this liner though and I would recommend it to anyone.


Until Next Friday 🙂


P. S the formula on this is very comparable to the much more expensive Black UP Liners Review here and the Urban Decay 24/7 liner (not available in store in Barbados).





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