An ode to the Ren Radiance Renewal skincare line and consistency.

The lesson to be learnt here is when you find great skin care that works. Stick with it.



About 6 months ago I noticed that my skin had an uneven texture and I decided to get supremely consistent with my skin care using the Ren Radiance line specifically the masque, the resurfacing AHA concentrate and the serum.

Over a period of about 2 months my skin’s texture cleared up considerably and my blackheads all but disappeared. I started getting compliments on my skin which is huge for me as I have always struggled with my skins texture and hormonal acne.
I did a full review of the mask here, so you know I have loved it for a long time. I have had the serum and concentrate for some time but I was never consistent with my use.

The AHA concentrate is a transparent liquid texture which is dispensed with a pipette and then on to the skin with the hands. It has a slight tingling feeling on the skin, so sensitive skins should beware. Initially I applied every night as directed.

The serum has a fruity scent like that of the mask but definitely not as cloying. I found the texture of the serum surprising. It feels almost like a very light water based gel moisturizer. It does sink into the skin very quickly though. This, I used both night and day beneath my moisturizers or sunscreen.

These along with the use of the mask made my skin smooth with almost zero blackheads and pimples.

And then I got complacent and stopped using them.

The phrase ‘don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ definitely applies here.

It took quite a while for the benefits to recede, to be fair. . After about two months after I stopped using these products I had the hormonal break out from hades including one huge blackhead that has created a scarred pore on my cheek.

Immediately I turned back to these tried and true products after only a week my skin has improved significantly.
One thing to note though, deep blackheads will not immediately disappear even with chemical exfoliants, it took about a week of daily treatment to clear the blackhead completely.

Because these products are acid based they can be very drying to the skin. This may not be as big a problem for those with Oily skin, but I find even with my combination oily skin that I prefer to use the AHA concentrate three days out of every week rather than every day of the week.

So lesson learnt. Be consistent with your skin care to keep receiving the desired results.
And the Ren Radiance line is one of the most effective ways to treat my mildly textured skin and keep my skin free of blackheads.


One word of warning! When using these products you need to be faithful to your sunscreen! I wear sunscreen daily.



See you next Friday!


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5 comments on “An ode to the Ren Radiance Renewal skincare line and consistency.
  1. Dionne says:

    Where in bdos can you get these products?

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