Reviving Cream Eyeshadows : Maybelline Color Tattoos

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My Maybelline colour tattoo cream/gel eyeshadows almost ended up in the bin last weekend. They were just getting too dry to work with. Either with my finger or with my brushes. It was to the point that any application to my lids led to dragging (uncomfortable!) on my lids.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

In any case before I decided to drop my colour tattoos into the bin I messaged a friend of mine to make sure that it wasn’t some sort of odd user error or weird batch that I got. She was having the same issues, however she suggested that I look up remedies on YouTube.

There were a number of remedies for dry cream shadows.These included but were not limited to adding glycerine, saline solution  or witch hazel.

As it happens I have all of these in my medicine cabinet, but I decided to go with the saline solution (contact lense/ eye drop solution) mostly because I had some general concerns about the eye safety of some of the other options.

And honestly it worked like a charm.

I scooped the cream shadows out of their original containers and placed them in a small sample jar and proceeded to ‘smoosh’ the contact lense solution into the shadow.

My shadows are now creamy and really easy to use. One worry I had was that adding liquid to the shadows would make the shadows crease on my eyes even more (I still suspect this would happen with glycerin which is a powerful humectant) but once I used the shadows over my tried and true Eye primers I had no difficulties at all.

So I am very happy to able to use my Color tattoo cream shadows.


How do you like the colour tattoos? Have any ever dried up on you?

See you next Friday. 🙂


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One comment on “Reviving Cream Eyeshadows : Maybelline Color Tattoos
  1. Belynda says:

    ahhhh thanks! you saved me!

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