Garnier Cleansing Oil

2269174Words can not express how overjoyed I am at seeing a cleansing oil in the drugstore or supermarket.

I have always been a fan of cleansing with oil based balms like the Ren Rose Centefolia No 1 Purity Balm that I reviewed here and the MAC Cleanse Off Oil (review published today) and the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil which I reviewed here. However these are department store, or slightly more high end products, and the Josie Maran is not available in stores in Barbados.

Seeing a cleansing oil at drugstore prices just felt like the heavens had opened.

Cleansing oils and balms are some of the most efficient makeup removers I have ever come across and on top of that they emulsify and typically rinse cleanly from your face while being very gentle.

This Garnier Cleansing Oil is recommended for those with dry skin, and even though I most certainly do not have dry skin I decided to give it a try.

The oil has a floral scent that I don’t find overwhelming but that I think some persons with sensitive skin might not appreciate.

It is not as thick as the Josie Maran cleanssing oil and spread very easily across the face. It removes the majority of your makeup very well with the one exception being eyeliner.

I find that to remove eyeliner you have to let this oil sit just a bit longer than I am used to with oil cleansers. I generally apply the oil to my eye area first using my fingers to gently move the oil through my lashes and into the lined area, then spread the oil to the other areas of the face and then return to my eyes to gently spread the oil again (I don’t add any more product to my hands, I just use what is already on my face). I find that this works to remove my eye makeup completely rather than just doing it once.

Although the Garnier Cleansing Oil does emulsify when you add warm water to the face, I find that it does not rinse as cleanly as I would like. It leaves a light residue that isn’t exactly greasy but that I think dryer skins than mine would enjoy.

With the addition of the washcloth though, the Cleansing Oil does everything I need it to do, It gently removes my makeup, and is removed cleanly from my skin and doesn’t leave me with any need to follow up with any additional cleansers (also known as double cleansing).

I know some people use a washcloth every time they wash their face, i’m just not one of those people.

Would I repurchase again? I might it is certainly an option when I don’t want to splash out for more expensive alternatives.

I think persons with dry skin will enjoy these even more than I did as the cleansing oil leaves your skin feeling almost nourished after use.

Have you used cleansing oils?

What do you think of them?

What is your favourite cleansing oil?


P.S This post went out in the early hours of Saturday morning rather than on the scheduled Friday.

I want to apologise for this error and thank one of our readers who brought it to our attention.


With that said, see you next Friday. 🙂




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