Review : MAC Cleanse Off Oil – It’s you me love!

mac cleanse off oilYou may have guessed from the title that I have been fan of this cleanse off oil for sometime. I think I am on my third or fourth bottle of this cleanse off oil.

This cleanse off oil is the lightest in texture that I have ever used and spreads effortlessly across the face. Lighter than the Josie Maran and the Garnier Cleansing Oils.

In addition it is one of the most efficient makeup removers I have ever used. I work it in to my eye makeup gently only once and everything is removed! Yes, with one pump of this cleanser my face is clean.

On top of all of that!.. this product rinses absolutely cleanly from my face with just the use of my hand and water. Leaving absolutely no need for me to double cleanse or for a wash cloth.

It does have a scent, but I don’t find the scent in any way cloying.

I think this was the very first cleansing oil I ever used, and it’s a shame it took me so long to review it because as i have tried other products I have realised how awesome this product really is for me.

MAC says this product is for all skin types and I definitely think they might be right. After rinsing my face my face doesn’t feel in any way coated (which may be a problem for oily skins) nor does it feel in any way stripped (which is a problem for all skin types but especially dry skin types).

MAC is of course a department store brand which means it isn’t cheap but in this instance I say if you get the opportunity to try this product you should take it, especially if you are a daily  makeup wearer.

How do you feel about cleansing oils?

Have you ever tried the MAC Cleanse Off Oil?


P. S. This post was published in the early hours of Saturday Morning rather than on Friday as promised.

I apologise for this error and I wish to thank the reader who brought the omission to my attention.

With that said, see you next Friday. 🙂





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One comment on “Review : MAC Cleanse Off Oil – It’s you me love!
  1. […] My personal feeling is that all skin types can benefit from these cleansers. These cleansers are very often gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin types and  quite a few of them are moisturising. However oily skin girls can get formulas that also do their skin justice with out leaving their skins feeling too greasy. My favourites in thus category are the Ren Rose Centefolia cleansing Balm and the MAC Cleanse off Oil both of which I have reviewed here and here. […]

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