Natural Hair cheat sheet for men.. or anyone

Because I have been wearing my natural hair at varying lengths for sometime now it is very easy to take some things for granted when it comes to taking care of my hair.

So when a male Facebook friend commented on having difficulty combing his hair and asked for tips.. well I really had to think back to the basics.

So here are Five very basic tips for managing your growing natural hair.


1. Never comb your hair dry. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Always comb hair while while wet or moist and preferably saturated with your favourite conditioner.

Combing dry hair is very often an exercise in frustration and is to be avoided for the most part. Dry unconditioned hair will be brittle and difficult to run a comb through, resulting in scalp soreness and broken combs, and excessive breakage.

2. Always use a wide tooth comb.

Those combs with the ‘itty bitty’ teeth are not your friend!. They will break and cause you pain.

Wide tooth combs will allow you to manoeuvre through your hair wit the least amount of frustration. Those ‘itty bitty’ teeth will pull and break tightly kinked ad curled hair

3. Section your hair.

I know every other shampoo commercial will make you think you can run your comb through your hair all at one time.

Forget that. If you have more than an inch of afro hair, part it and then comb it, it’s just easier that way rather than trying to comb large masses of curls, corkscrews and kinks all at once.


4. Kinky curly hair shrinks with moisture.

This is an inescapeable truth. And I don’t just mean rain, I mean any type of moisture. If you live in a humid climate (like Barbados), expect your hair to shrink right before your eyes!

5. Kinky curly hair can also be stretched.

You can stretch your hair by braiding it or twisting for longer periods of time. It will stay stretched (to some extent) if you use anti humidity products like gel or wax as well and allow them to set.

You can also stretch your hair using a blow dryer, but be wary of over using heat as it can cause breakage.

Do you have natural afro hair?

What other tips do you think should be added?

Have you checked out the other natural hair posts on the blog?

See you next Friday.

P.s this post went up in the early hours of Saturday morning rather than on Friday.
I want to apologize and say thank you to one of our readers who asked about the missing Friday post.

So with that said. See you next week Friday!


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3 comments on “Natural Hair cheat sheet for men.. or anyone
  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    I nominated you for the liebster award. Check out the tag , follow the directions and join in. Love the blog!

  2. Dannielle says:

    Moisturise! Even though I’m relaxed, I believe in coconut oil.

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