From Beauty shop to Barber shop – Tales of a Caribbean (short haired ) natural

So I cut my hair in June… My afro no longer blows in the wind.warrior


I can no longer do a puff.  bun1
Let’s take a moment to reflect on the memories of my ‘fro.
From blow outs, to twist outs, braidouts to fro outs and wash and goes, I  really enjoyed my mid to longer length afro hair. hair and dress      wpid-wp-1418213663725.jpeg

but alas It was time for a change.

I got may hair cut into a tapered cut and I added some colour (or rather stripped it of some colour).


There are couple lessons to be learnt along the way when you go from medium length to short hair. wpid-wp-1418213190691.jpeg


1. Get your first cut done by your hair stylist, your hair stylist is going to give you a softer look than most barbers will. You can go to a barber to maintain the shape after.


2. Get comfortable with your beedeebees, kitchen, your edges, what ever  you call it. Unless your hair is shaved right to the skin these tiny hairs will curl up on you tight, tight, tight.  A black woman’s edges are a big talking point these days, so be prepared.

3. Learn how to talk to your barber, barbers most often cut men’s hair, and for men with afro hair the hair cuts lean towards a very sharp almost military look with the edges lined up very sharp and tight. That generally isn’t the look most women are going for.

4. Barbers are so much cheaper than beauty shops! I’m just saying! The difference in cost is vast.

5. Lots of people will want to know why you cut your hair off, did you go through some devastating life change, do you want to be a man.. (yes this happened). Lots of people will have opinions.
My standard response is a blank stare, because really, these people can’t be serious.

6. It takes getting used to, your face shape, can be hidden to some extent with longer hair. That isn’t possible with hair this short, get used to it, get comfortable with it, you are fly with or with out hair.

7. Your hair products will last forever.


Do you have anything to add? How long is your hair?


See you next time.


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