My Game changers for 2014

collage 2014



1. This year is the year, I got really real about my skincare. The Ren AHA concentrate and the Radiance Perfecting Serum were a big part of that. The acids in these products were a boon to my skin. They cleared my problematic skin up and I started to get compliments on my skin!  These products exfoliate and brighten your skin. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation from acne, Get into it!

Pricey, but worth it.

Check out my review here.

2.  Morroccan Naturals  Argan Glow. Adding this blend of Sea Buckthorn Oil and Argan  Oil to my night time routine  was the final step to the skin that I wanted. Using Acids can dry out your skin so adding oils to  my night time moisturiser or on a damp face gave me  the supple clear skin I needed with out breaking me out.

Review forthcoming today.

3. Seche Restore and Seche Vite I have to give it to these two products. Despite my first impressions (1st review) the revelation that these two must forever be together has changed my entire view of the product. Seche Vite remains the fastest, shiniest top coat I have ever tried and I’ve been trying a few this year.

Check out my reviews here.

4 Maybelline Collosal. This is by far the best mascara on my eyelashes to date, bar none.  With in the last 6 months, every time I wear this mascara, I have gotten queries on if I am wearing falsies. I have been rotating four mascaras in that time and this is the only one that consistently got me the queries. I got them at the salon, from my friends while we limed, at work. I even tried to get Facebook to allow our marital status because I am committed to this mascara, it is that serious.

Review Forthcoming today!

5. Reducing the Clutter
I posted about what I was using to organise my makeup collection here and as well as my wish to reduce the general clutter in my life.  I still have a long way to go, but I have also come a very long way! I use more of my products, buy less products and in general feel better about my collection. I’m at a stage where my products are used regularly rather than just collecting dust and I prefer it that way.

6. Fridays – Cue Rebecca Black It’s Friday.

In September I decided to post every Friday on the blog, I felt that structure would make it easier for me to plan and to commit to blogging regularly. There have been some glitches here and there but it has largely been a success. I plan to keep this same routine into 2015, along with a few other little changes.

What were your game changers in 2014?

See you in 2015!


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