Review : Nail Tek Formula ii and crystal nail files go hard.

For the Majority of 2014 I have been battling with weak peeling nails. It felt like I tried everything.

I gave up pure acetone as my main nail polish remover, I filed my nails more regularly. I tried no less than 3 nail hardening treatments.

The only thing I didn’t give up was  nail colour, that would have really been too much to ask!

About two weeks ago I passed through Bio Beauty and had a chat about what would be best for my nails and this product came highly recommended.

Nail tek 2

The Nail tek Formula looks like your average clear nail polish in the bottle. It has a thin consistency which dries quickly which I value as I use it almost every day.

According to the website ‘  This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together. With each application, it reinforces and thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility.  ‘

I don’t know the science behind it but I know that this formula has done more for my nails in the last handful of weeks than the other formulas I used for the majority of the year.

With out fail when I used the other non- nailtek  formulations as soon as I removed my nail polish my nails were a peeling wreck. However when I removed my nail colour after a week of using the Nail Tek Formulation ii- No peeling and my nails didn’t feel dry and stripped in the way  that can sometimes happen if you use a acetone remover. Just one week.

The instructions for the Formula ii indicate that you should use the polish under your manicures and continue to use it every day over your manicures as well.
My  concern about using it over my manicure was that it would dull my manicure or cause it smudge. It did neither, for which I am forever grateful.
crystal file
I also picked up a crystal file. I have been hearing for eons that these files were better for your nails but what really sold me on this purchase is that it comes with a protective case  in pink. (I’m not this shallow all the time I swear. )

The file really does seem to make a difference as it is less jarring on my nail tips and the edges feel super smooth. I might have become a convert.

These products barely missed the cut to become part of my 2014 game changers simply because I hadn’t been using them for very long but I am extremely happy with both of them.

Nail tek has a number of different formulations depending on your nail issues, and based on my experience I would recommend them to any one.

Do you have weak nails? What are you using for them?

See you next Friday.

P.S Happy NEW YEAR, and happy first post of the year. I hope you enjoyed. and I hope to see much more of you this year.

Remember, posts go up each Friday.


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