Fundamentals of Skin Care – the principles

Every Friday for the next Month I’m going to be doing post on how to select and and manage your skincare.

I’m pretty excited. ( Insert Silly grin)

I feel like I need to lay down certain truths about your skin before I start the series though because I know every one wants a a one size fits all, quick fix.

If life were so easy, … Well let’s just say life is not that easy and neither is your skin to be honest.

1. Your skin is seasonal. It gets oilier and drier based on your hormones, the climate and any number of things. This means your techniques and your products must change accordingly. This is especially true if you live in climates that change drastically from Summer to Winter.

2. While dietary fixes can help with skin, I am not a doctor , medical nor homeopathic, I am a skincare enthusiast so all of my recommendations will be topica, for anything else I suggest some one registered with your local medical board.

3. I don’t believe in villainising ingredients.

I do believe that some ingredients that are more effective that others, others that need to be managed by medical professionals but I don’t believe any one product must be avoided by everyone. Eg. I think Mineral Oil is perfectly fine in some skin care products. Yes It is a cheap/ cost effective product but that does not not make it immediately bad nor does it automatically clog your pores. In fact Miracle oil of our time( according to marketing) , Coconut oil is considered moderate to highly comedogenic (likely to cause acne) based on research peer reviewd and published by the journal of american Academy of Dermatology.

Just because something is ‘natural’ does not make it automatically better for you. Repeat that again.  You want well formulated products not just natural. If the two come together that is fantastic.

4. Products can be multipurpose, cleansers can cleanse and exfoliate, toners can rebalance skin and exfoliate, serums can exfoliate and/ or moisturise, moisturisers can exfoliate as well as moisturise and any number of permutations exist.

5. The one rule of thumb is, ‘start gentle rather harsh. Using harsh products can create problems of there own so it’s better to start gentle and assess the progress before progressing to more extreme products.

Check out the first post in this series on cleansers, Next week.

See you next Friday


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4 comments on “Fundamentals of Skin Care – the principles
  1. […] say use at most once a day, morning or night and monitor your skin. Remember your skin is seasonal (I said that here ) so your skin will get drier and oilier depending on your body and your surroundings. Some oily […]

  2. […] or a separate product. That doesn’t mean any old moisturiser will do. As I noted in the first post in this series. your skin is seasonal so different moisturisers will serve different purpose at different […]

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