Fundamentals of SkinCare – Cleansers and how to choose one for your skin type.

I’m going to divide cleansers into roughly 4 categories


Category 1. Foaming cleansers –

These produce lather and tend to be relatively more drying than the others on this list. Of all skin types Oily skins are the ones most likely to reap benefits from this type of cleanser.
I like foaming cleansers as part of my prep for longer lasting makeup. You can check out the whole routine on  how to make your makeup last here.
foaming cleanser
While I know some skin care experts indicate that one should never use this type of cleanser, my experience is that very few of us should use such a product twice a day or daily. However if you have oilier skin ( like me ) you can probably use these cleansers every now and again with no longterm issues.
One of my favourite foaming cleansers is the Suki Exfoliate Foaming cleanser. It foams and exfoliates and doesnt leave my skin feeling stripped. I love it as a morning cleanser that wakes me up and preps my skin for day. Available from

These type of cleansers can be ok at removing makeup but they aren’t the most efficient. You’ll see my favourite in the next category




Category 2. Emoliant/ Oil/Cream based  cleansers- 
These are my absolute favourite types of cleansers  for removing makeup hands down!
Cleansing Oils, cleansing balms, cold creams are all ‘greasy’ oily types of cleansers that you apply to a dry face and then use warm water to emulsify and clean everything off. mac cleanse off oil
There are very few long wearing makeup formulas that these bad boys can’t dissolve.

My perso10377436_730642753687549_3910032344893139221_nnal feeling is that all skin types can benefit from these cleansers. These cleansers are very often gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin types and  quite a few of them are moisturising. However oily skin girls can get formulas that also do their skin justice with out leaving their skins feeling too greasy.
My favourites in thus category are the Ren Rose Centefolia cleansing Balm and the MAC Cleanse off Oil both of which I have reviewed here and here.

I’ve also reviewed a number of others here on the blog as well so you can check this search list for these type of cleanser/ makeup removers —-> here

Category 3. Micellar Solutions or Cleansing Waters

Micellar Solutions are a type of cleanser that doesn’t require you to add water to it. You simply apply to a cotton round and wipe off your face and makeup.  They have one of the biggest beauty trends of late. They contain fatty acid esters that do the job of dissolving the makeup.  While micellars are super convenient when you are tired and also for travel, I find that they dont remove my some long wearing types of makeup as efficiently as category 2.

You may find your self using quite a bit of the product to get off a full face of long wear foundation, eyeliner etc. In addition since the majority of these tend to be high end, the costs can add up quickly.

51951 I do love these for no fuss makeup cleanup while I’m doing my makeup, since I don’t need to add any water and indexpotentially ruin my whole face or as prep before I do my makeup if I can’t wash my face. I’ve found that I also like them for my morning cleanse as well (assuming all makeup etc was removed in your nightly routine ).  All skin types can benefit from these.

My pick for this is the Ren Rosa Centifolia 3in 1 Cleansing water or the Embryolisse Cleansing water (not available in Barbados).

4. Cleansing Wipes

Like the Micellar Solutions these are a no fuss, no additional water required type of cleanser, marketed towards all skin types.

My biggest issue with wipes is that if they aren’t stored upside down you can sometimes get a very dry ineffective makeup wipe. Other than that I often just don’t feel as if the cleansing job is quite done when I have used them. I much prefer to go through the whole cleansing process.hwthumb.asp

Also like Micellar solutions they are fantastic for quick fixes and for travel.

Simple makes some of the better ones.

These categories are not conclusive butserve to  give a rough guide to the type of cleanser that is optimal for different purposes.  Every time you read a post in this series, remember that your skin is seasonal. Sometimes it’s oilier or dryer than other times and that will inform the type of cleanser that your reach for at any given point.

Remember the priniciples!

What is your favourte cleanser? Which would be your pick for each of these categories?

See you next week Friday.


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